What are some practical combos into Super?



I know Chun-Li has one of the best supers in the game but I’m not sure how to use it offensively. I use it mainly for punishes right now. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


far fierce into super /thread


Cr. MK > HK Legs > Super
(counter-hit) St. MP > Super
HK Hasanshu > Super


Link? Can’t seem to find it.


jab jab fierce Super

c. mk to Super

close mp into Super

HSU into Super


This playlist should help


Hazanshu > Super
f.st.HP > Super
cr.HP xx HK Legs ~ MK Legs > Super
st.MP xx Super (or link)

In terms of combo applications those are pretty much the go-to combos that end in Super.

It is better used as a punisher in most cases.


st.hp, super
st.mp, super
anti air c.mp, super
c.mk, super
hazanshu, super
cl.hk x legs, super

and for swag
ch st.hk, super
ch hk hazanshu, st.hp, super



you know i have landed ch hk/mk hzu ultra

but i never tought about far fierce lol


Thanks guys. Been trying to learn Chun but I’m having a tough go at it. I can’t seem to anti-air to save my life. Seems like I always choose the wrong button to AA with or I time it wrong. I don’t have that problem with other characters I play though.


I find it’s hard to get it down perfectly but st.mk is your best friend and anti air. You will appreciate it in time.


Practice having the set-up dummy jump at you from different distances.

For example:

Neutral distance (like start of match) best anti-air is St. MK
Ryu Jump HK from far away -> best anti-air is St. HP (St. MK will trade)
Approximately cross-up distance anti-air with Close MK
Close HK is good for damage, but you have to be precise with this one.

Cr. HP works about the same spacing as St. MK but with later timing, since you are lower to the ground. Good for jump-ins like Dudley elbow which is a slow attack with high priority. Since he has to commit earlier, it does not tend to hit too low to the ground.

Practice being good with Cr. MP and Cr. MK . They are pretty similar, but are good when you are recovering from a move and need a quick move to go under a jump in. Practice dodging and punishing jump-ins with this. Cr. MK is faster, Cr. MP is longer range and morphs her body more awkwardly.

Jump HP tends to work at the same distance as St. MK but is slower.
Neutral Jump HK has good damage and is better than Cl. MK if your reactions are good.
Jump MK has good range and is sometimes the best option so you should get used to how that arc looks.


And air throw for its priority vs moves like bison headstomp… I don’t use it for much besides that, though?