What are some sites to buy electrical parts for moding?

I was wondering if some one had a nice list of sites that they used to buy parts for moding/building there stick? I am currently looking for a few parts but, don’t quite know the name of some parts. One part I am looking for is a prong connector for a Sanwa JLF stick. Don’t know what they are called but I see them used a lot on things like a cpu fan connector etc. Any way, I would appreciate some info on places to buy and maybe some info on the prong connectors.

Lizard Lick Amusements

Lizard Lick sells pretty much anything related to sticks and buttons.
For generic electronics parts (resistors, LEDs, transistors, and a lot of other things) I’d check out DigiKey, Newark, or Allied Electronics (probably in that order).

Oh I foud a really good site, Licking lizards did not have what I needed. I needed a JLF wire harness, just found that out.

This is a good site
Focus Attack

sells the harness seperatly

So does Lizard Lick.

Not only that but Lizard Lick sells them for $2.50, roughly 31% of what you’d pay for it at Focus Attack. :looney:

Lizard lick for arcade parts.
MCM Electronics for generic electronic parts for a bargain.
Radioshack if I need something right NOW.
Digikey if I’m buying a lot of specific components.
Mouser for very specific components.
Monoprice for cables.
Amazon if they can beat out everyone else.
Shop around, but 90%+ of your stuff is gonna be from Lizard Lick if you plan to make/mod a stick.

Yeah, lizard does have the harness. Its just there products are a bit unorganized. Was expecting to find the wiring on the electrical page, with there other wires. Oh well, they did say they will have a new look etc on Monday.

@Nerrage Nice info, would be cool if someone started a stickey with links to some sites and info on what the site is good for