What are some "so old skool but not at the same time" games?

I LOVE Street Fighter Alpha 2 and EX3. Those games have such an old school style, but kinda not at the same time. It’s like, the basics are all there, but you also have some huge combos if you want to use them and some neat systems to mess around with. Old school style of fighting, but with a little dabble of new school systems like tag teams and custom combo modes or special blocks (alpha guard/air block).

From what I read about NeoGeo Battle, that sounds like the sort of thing I’m looking for.


IDK if MvC2 is old school in any way. You have huge universal chain combos and flashy specials + supers, super jumps, universal launchers, dashes, air blocking, and a tag-team system where you can unleash all of your character’s supers at once. Nothing about Mahvel is really old school AFAIK, but I don’t play it

Arcana Heart 2

Hmm… may I suggest BlazBlue?


Kof98 um

i dunno if the guy was joking but i do think it’s kinda old-school. beneath all the flashy systems, the fundamental concepts and the balance between zoning/rushdown is very close to ST.

anyways akatsuki blitzkampf is another one

Arcana Heart, I play the first one, there isn’t a 2 machine within 100 miles of me tho, but yeah, something kinda intangible about AH is very old ish, and I like it a lot despite the loli

I might get around to getting a Magic Swap and buying KOF 98 and

I heard that BlazBlue is basically prettier GGXX, and GGXX is everything but old school, I’m talking like SF2 old school

I wasn’t joking, but like I admited, I don’t play Marvel so I’m pretty ignorant of it

The Fatal Fury series from 3 through RB2 do anything for ya?

Seconding Blitzkampf. The controls are simple; it takes maybe a full 60 seconds to learn the system. The fights are intense and the music is straight-up rock.

3rding Blitzkampf. That game needs to be way more popular than it is.

Also isn’t Battle Fantasia rather oldschool in its fundementals?

Akatsuki Blitzkampf: More oldskool than any game available post-2000

Sam Sho Special called and wants its title back.

Maybe, but he will still need to fight harder, Akatsuki Blitzkampf resembles to SF2CE and KOF96 with Parries.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters. That game was way ahead of it’s time.

10/10 will RAAAGE again

Then again, Blitzkampf is the ugliest fighter I’ve seen since primal rage, so I guess it is old school.

Makes me wonder how old I’m getting when MvC2 and Arcana are considered “old-school” now.

Anyway, the first title that popped into my mind is Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. That’s probably the very last true “old-school” 2-D fighter that will ever be released.

No airblocking, no parries (well except repels but they don’t work against projectiles), no just defense (technically), fireball/dp traps still work to a limited extent, throws have good priority, BnB combos are rather short and simple, low damage scaling mostly…

There’s still a few “new-school” concepts like GCFS and tagging, though…
Best of all, lolis and anime stereotypes are kept to a minimum.

Nothing more old-school than a game that hasn’t even been released yet.

A lot of this depends on what you consider old school and new school.

To me new-school involves the addition of systems that aid in combos, and de-emphasis on positional play.


I already play 3S. And it’s not old school at all.

I’ll be sure to check out NGBC. Best part is that I just remembered that I can play for free via the Internet then buy it on PS2 for $cheap.99 later if I like it.

I might need to check out the TMNT game simply because it appears that everybody and their mother in Michigan plays it.