What are some "so old skool but not at the same time" games?

umm…if GGXX is anything but old school…Arcana heart is the same thing…Arcana just about has everything that GGXX has…if it’s a matter of fundamentals…um you need about the same to play GGXX as arcana…maybe b/c GGXX feels a little faster than AH, but that’s the only real difference I see.

Marvel Super Heroes
Xmen vs Street Fighter

World Heroes Perfect. Though there are a couple “new school” concepts in there like guard breaks and EX specials, for the most part it has an emphasis on positional play and .

Ultimate MK 3 seems to put emphasis on rushdown and spacing as well, but I know combos can get pretty crazy in that one.

I will second KOF 98 UM, as well as Samurai Shodown Special.

blitzkampf maaan

fundamentals ftw

Blitzkampf. Best fighter in years, and very refreshing after so many copy paste GG clones. Also, probably the only game to do the SF3-style parry right.

tekken tag!

definately Tekken Tag, I’m pretty terrible at 3D fighting games but I’m working on it

Susprised no one mentioned Breakers Revenge. Diet ST with bigger combos.

breakers revenge

I love Breakers Revenge (one of my favorite fighting games ever, hence my avatar) but Breakers Revenge is actually a REAL old school game, not “so old skool but not at the same time” game IMHO.

surprised how nobody chimed in with cvs2…

emphasizes not jumping, ie strong footsie game…
very defensive, turtlish style of play…

of course it could go both ways with run grooves, rcs and ccs, but i think it sides more old skool than new.

another blitz vote and also dat World Heroes Perfect


Yeah, parries make fireball pretty useless outside of move punish and combo buffers, weird footsies with parry involved, and too much c.MK xx super goin on too be old school.

Edit: My current to buy or “buy” list:

Neo Geo Battle
TMNT Tournament Fighter
Tekken Tag
Try to download Antisuki Blitzkampf a while ago, didn’t work on my computer, I’ll try downloading AppleLocale then rockin that
maybe Breaker’s Revenge and World Heroes Perfect

Fatal Fury 3, Breakers Revenge, and RBFF2 FTW!

I’ve recently played Capcom Fighting Evolution. Even tho peeps generally diss on the game, and only one character isn’t a sprite rip, it’s pretty fun and feels pretty old school when using the SF2 representatives.

I hear that Karin is broken in that game. What does she have besides her s.HP x N custom combo?