What are some tactics to help against SF4 Blanka overall?

I can’t seem to beat my friend’s Blanka when we play. What are some good ways to get in and damage him? How can I bait a Blanka Ball and punish afterwards, like wise, how should I handle Cross-ups and Vertical Balls?

And your main was… ?

shooryuken, shoryuken,shoruken, shoruken those blanka balls that go vertical and focus the rainbow, block and ultra that slide thingy and then laugh in your friends face

^So I should try and be defensive, I’ll try that out.

I tend to just use everybody, I don’t exactly have a main ^_^;

Defensive is often the way to go with Blanka. Though it can vary on who you use.

Kind of hard to give advice when you don’t have a main.

defensive always works i know for me i main wong fei long so i focus the rainbow blanka balls then punish and its always a treat to trick blanka into his ultra jump back and ultra him out of it besides that its a mind game sort of thing dont let yourself open for getting hit and keep your distance just the fact that blanka stands so low to the ground makes alot of my meaty hits go over or through him

With Fei you can dash forward and do Rekkas with LP HP HP to punish, have to be fast though so practice it.

If you see him walk around it’s safe to jump generally since he doesn’t have down charge. If he does a fake slow blanka ball for throw setups cr.MK beats it out. j.MP is your best jump in for this fight because of its low hitbox. As everyone else said, just play defensive but don’t forget to put a LITTLE pressure on him so he can’t just run shenanigans all day.

You can stop Blanka balls with a standing light jab/light punch if timed correctly. This will reset Blanka and you will have a chance to do some cross-ups/mix-ups when Blanka is reseting. This should work with characters like Sakura and Ryu.

Also, block and punish if your friend throws out Fierce/Hard Punch Blanka Balls with basic BnB combos for your character.

As for blocking ultra, remember, it hits high first, so do a standing block, and when Blanka is on the ground, crouch block the ultra.

find out what triggers the balls to come at you, and think of some way to counter it, then bait it out and wait for the right time to throw our your counter. Got a projectile? use it to limit balls from smacking into you, but at the same time, expect your friend to wither jump or arc the ball, that’s your opportunity to do something, because that’s also baiting.

Like people pointed out, its kinda hard to give tips since matchup specific advice sort of depends on the tools your character can use. Here is some general stuff though. If you’ve got Blanka in the corner, you can probably poke him with low forward since his pokes aren’t that great. His rainbow ball can be focused so that’s a good ultra oppurtunity. Also FA when he’s close since he’s likely to sweep. Just keep your FAs sparse in this match. Don’t try to cross him up on wakeup cuz his vertical ball or EX electricity can hit you easy. Also depending on your character you may or may not want to avoid using fireballs. For Ken for example (my main) that would be a big no no since you can get easily sweeped or EX balled.

Hope that helps a little.

Actually, Blanka’s ultra starts on the ground, so if he does it up close you have to block low, then high when he pops in the air, then low when he drops on the ground again.

Thanks for the tips guys :tup:
I’l make note of them when I play again. I guess I need to also be more reactive too.

As a Gief player i have trouble getting in close on him, because when i do manage to he does his electric ground attack. Is there anything i can do besides EX Hands, im not even sure if i can do that without getting hurt, haven’t played enough Blanka players.

Fighting Blanka depends on the Blanka. If he’s hopping around like an idiot spamming moves, the gameplay advice is different than if he plays Blanka well and is very deliberate with his actions and plays a very patient game.

Find out if your characters have ways to punish horizontal/vertical balls, most do. Don’t do risky jumps if blanka has down charge because you are more than likely going to get ex vertball.

With crossups, just block them, and be on the lookout for throw attempts and tech accordingly. If you have a good anti air you can generally react to the crossup and hit it.

every move blanka does is unsafe for him.
if you block his moves, you usually get a free chance to punish.

stand next to him on wakeup, hell probably do electricity, some moves can punish that.

play footsies a little bit, walk away from him, then start moving forward to bait the slide, block it, punish.

just pay attention to when he has an ultra and turtle it out from there on.

once you establish the fact that his random moves cant hurt you, you can start to get more creative

or start feeling yourself.

Blanka flowcharts that I see of 99% of the time - whiff blanka balls into throw… jungle hop into throw… random blanka balls… more random blanka balls… a few up balls on wake up… random ultra on wake up for chip damage… down forward sliding fierce… electric as anti air… electric on wake up… and thats it.

Be ready to tech throw alot. Using option select tech throws helps amazingly against the flowchart. Sliding fierce is only safe from max distance, but a lot of Blankas do it from unsafe spacing so just be aware of when you can and cannot punish it. If they spam electricity, usually low kicks will beat it, but it depends on the spacing. If its too close, you will get shocked, but if spacing is good, you can knock him out of it with the tip of your foot. Depending on who you play, figure how to properly punish blocked blanka balls if your toon has the ability too. Some toons can only punish it with super like Ryu. If that is the case, focus on building as much meter as you can the entire match. Once you have it, you take away their blanka balls which is 50% of bad blanka players offense. All that is left after that is to tech all throws and you win.

Jab. Jabs are good against Blanka. :stuck_out_tongue: