What are some things you don't like about SF4?

  1. anti-air counter is too easy especially using a DP
  2. combos are a bit too easy to pull off. Need to be more like SSF2 turbo
  3. Corner cross over. I was surprised to see it was possible the first time playing
  4. cannot cancel ryu/ken/akuma’s crounching HK into fireball
  5. Feels like EX. Character jumps too bouncy
  6. Got some of the worst ‘new’ characters ever



That was hard to find.


Banned in 3… 2… 1…


Guys guys! C’mon! Chill out. He’ll report us on his other forums so that he and his buddies can laugh at us.

That’s just being mean right?:shake:


oh dang… my bad… i didn’t know there was a forum in that … i never scrolled down far enough. LOL!


Is this guy for real…
Are you just fuckin’ with us?


Think the last part, it seems everyone is trying to be top troll these last few weeks.


I actually like them.
Viper, Rufus or Abel are very solid new characters.

I just want a lobby acutally. A few tweaks here and there would be nice too, but not necessarily.


not troll… i seriously didn’t know.


I hope you are kidding.:rofl:


considering that the street fighter 4 forums are above FGD, I don’t see how you didn’t “scroll down far enough”

  1. yeah especial when it’s a EX Headstomp or Tiger Uppercut
  2. I hope you cleared all the Hard trials then :rolleyes:
  3. You don’t play fighting games much do you?
  4. Could they ever?
  5. nah bro
  6. C. Viper is a Captain Commando and Carmen SanDiego milf fusion and you hate that? you sir have no taste at all :tdown:


Yeah they could. In the Alpha series they could and I think in ST they can as well. I can’t recall for 3S or the EX series. I think they can in VS series as well.


It’s ABOVE FGD discussion…you donkey.


What do I hate about SF4 eh?

Well, it’s Street Fighter.


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You’ve been here longer than me and never knew there was a SF4 forum? Obviously a troll topic.


chill guys… i’ve registred in 07 but never actually started posting and really going through the forum until recently… maybe i should create a new username or something.

i like HD remix… what can i say? it must be hard for me to adapt to the new playing style of SF4… still a good game. i like it


Nah although you put this in the wrong forum, I will say that there are definitely problems with the game, such as being able to mash out throws, really shitty matchups that make it hard to play certain characters seriously, no Dudley, that kind of shit.


What do I hate about SF4? Hmmm. I hate when people post SF4 topics in the FGD board instead of the SF4 board.

Oh and that Fei Long is ass in SF4. Thats fucking stupid.