What are templates for?

hey guys, i wanted to put art on my hrap 3 and ppl keep saying templates and such. whats that for? and whatre blank templates for? like this:

why would i need that? ^^

You download that file, open it in photoshop, do whatever you want to it and then save it as a JPG, take it to a print shop, they print it and it will be the exact size and quality without having to make any adjustments. Thats what a template is for.

do the holes matter at all in the blank template? is that just for you to know what will be covered by it? cause it wont be printed already cut i assume right?>

of course… use your head

The holes are where you cut, with a pair of scissors… you put your thumb in the bigger hole and your finger in the small hole and you oscillate your fingers to bring the sharp blades together and away from each other which result in cutting. You use this cutting technique to slash away the paper.

Unless you have the clear seimitsu buttons that let you put a picture in them, they don’t matter.