What Are The 2nd Best Hotel Options For EVO 2016?


So I was unaware the rooms what have filled up so fast at the Westgate. Last year at Bally’s there was ample time to reserve but it seems more hungry competitors are looking to take the World Stage. I’m unfamiliar with what Hotels would be near the Westgate so for those that still need to book rooms I figured I’d make this thread in case anyone had some helpful info such as:

-Nearest Hotels to the Convention Center
-Cheapest Options
-Offers To Roomshare (Be Cautious With This One)
-Various Ways of Commuting To The Convention
-Or Whatever Else

First time attending EVO, general questions?

According to Wizzie, there are still rooms left. But you’re right, it is filling up fast. Eighty-three percent of rooms have been taken.


That was Feb 4. The circumstances have now changed sadly. Sat & Sun are FULLY booked


We are looking at alternate blocks at Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Westgate is working on opening more rooms, but space is extremely limited.

Alot of people have booked already.


I am planning to attend EVO this year and thinking about staying in one of the hotels in the strip(Excalibur, Ceasars, Harrahs, etc.). I was wondering if there are any hotels convenient to the site for EVO via monorail or bus.


Luxor’s rooms are okay but not great.

Mandalay Bay has pretty good rooms, imo. That is if you’re looking on the cheaper side. Their more costly suites ain’t bad at all.


Hey @MrWizard…any updates on any new blocks opening?
I saw that the EVO Rooms are no longer available.


yup, the Evo site has been updated with new hotel blocks.


Thanks for the new block.

Do you know how we’re going to get from the hotels to the arena? Or is everyone on their own in that regard?


How often do hotels sell out during EVO Weekend? I actually reserved a hotel but if something came up I will have to cancel it since I might stay at a friends house or reduce my stay pending on work situation.


Well I chose the Stratosphere. 27 min walk away. $56/night.


Well, any hotel should be fine, took me 20 minutes to walk to Bally’s last year, so this year is probably doubled (Or 3) the time if you’re walking.


I’d still like to know if any transportation to the arena is set up or if we’re all on our own.

I guess it’s not that bad of an Uber ride. I wouldn’t walk through that shit. Crossing streets is dangerous and the walks too tedious. If anyone is staying at the Luxor we can do Uber Pool or split the ride on Lyft.


Welp, just realized that the Mandalay Bay Events Center and the Luxor are barely half a mile apart.

Guess I will be walking it then.