What are the alltime Tiers for soundboard pranks on youtube,realmofdarkness.net, etc?


What are the alltime Tiers for soundboard pranks on youtube,realmofdarkness.net, etc? I think it comes down to the big 4; Frank Garrett,Arnold,Rick the mullet man, and Jack nicholson(jacktacular board). What are your tiers?

-God tier-(the sb pranking fore fathers)
Arnold (john kimple)(arnold fest)
Frank Garrett(duncan) (duncan fest)
Rick the mulletman(comin’ to kansas wit’ my AR-15 m—f–ker)(nightmare on burton st)
Jack nicholson (Nathan r. Jessup)(jacktacular 5000)
Dr Phil (“I want you to start beig a gay woman”)

Jackass Plumber
Chris the hacker(“look its stageman!” I don’t care. Whats the name of the hotel?!")
Tom the roofer
Duncan’s Mother’s friend
Satanic Racist(“This is josh”: I am from chicago)
Deputy Martin
Chris the Hotel spaz (“Whoever’s callin’ you it aint me!”)
A to Z pawn (charles)
Irate Black Man (who’s speaking!)
ABG(motha f— you! better get back on the banana boat!)
George Takei
Springfield Pervert
Epic crazy lady’s Husband

Joe Pesci
Epic crazy lady
The Original Casino man
Peter the casino man
Drug and Alcohol lady
Alec baldwin
Deputy patterson
Officer Riveri(I am not man I am not dude!)
The Gay florist
Mr. Rogers

hank hill
Mopar man
jack black
sergent hartman
chris tucker
Nepoleon Dynamite
Bob chandler
Harrison ford
Howard stern
stuck in a elevator guy
Winnebego man
Random Asshole
Angry mother and son
Depressed guy
Canadian Teen
Racist Redneck
bait Shop guy
Miss Cleo
Darth Vader
Chris hansen(“I am chris hansen with dateline nbc”)
Richard simons
high redneck

Mr. T
George Bush
Barack Obama
Hulk hogan
racist redneck
Christian Weston chandler
Bacation Lady
The student
Michael jackson
Ultimate warrior
blue iris

Pee Wee Herman
Capt ginyu


I don’t know what to be more baffled about.

The fact that you took the time to make a list that long. Or the fact that you’ve heard all of those soundboards.


yeah Duncan and Rick is pretty funny. So yeah.