What are the benefits of some of the EX moves?

Aside from the obvious stuff like EX supers hitting extra times or invincibility frames, what’s the point of some EX versions of moves?

For example, what’s the benefit of Fei Long’s EX Rekkas over the regular ones, or Abel’s EX command grab? Is there a list somewhere of all the advantages of EX moves over the regular supers?

I know the subtleties of my characters (Guile/Chun), but am curious about others. Any help is appreciated. =)

Assuming you’re talking about SF4 since you mention Fei and Abel, the character pages on the SRK wiki can often be a good place to get the details about EX versions of moves, either from the article text (if there is any), or by examining the frame data.

That said, some common benefits of EX moves are:

  • More damage
  • Faster startup/recovery and/or safer
  • Super armor/hit absorption (very common in characters who rely on these to get through fireballs)
  • Invincibility
  • Special properties like juggling, making it possible to combo into other stuff or etc.

As for the moves you specifically mentioned, I don’t see any huge difference in Fei’s EX rekka from the frame data (some Fei player please speak up here), but Abel’s wiki page states that his EX command grab trades throw invincibility for hit invincibility.

Ah very useful, thanks!

Most ex moves increase damage and change the way they move around the screen. Some notable Ex moves are:

Vega’s Ex Flying Barcelona Attack :d:charge :u::2k:
If you hit them on the way to the wall, it will knock them up into the air, making it easier to do the grab portion of the move.

**Sakura’s Ex Hurricane Kick ** :qcb::2k:
The final kick will send them up into the air, giving you a variety of options:

  • Jumping fierce kick
  • Sakura Otoshi (Here I come… whoopsie!) where you press P up to 3 three times.
    -Unavoidable ultra, the timing is a little tough though.

Blanka’s Ex Curve Ball :l:charge:r::2k:
When you do this move you can choose how far he goes by moving the control stick. you can make it go all the way across the screen or stay in the same spot if your opponent is in your face.

Gouken’s Ex Palm Thrust :dp::2p:
The second hit sends them up, which lets you do a rising hurricane kick, or other stuff. I’m not too sure what you can do with this move, but perhaps you can use Ultra if you’re in the corner and he is close enough.

Rufus’ Ex Galactic Tornado :qcf::2p:
It will suck his opponent in like Seth’s Get in Mah Belly move. Giving you a free hit most of the time, but also bringing them closer.

Will update more if I can think of any.

i think rufus’ regular tornado sucks a bit, just not as strong or in range.

Range is usually an added property of EX moves. That alone can make them more useful.

You know you can move forward while he is spinning right? If you hold forward, he spins towards his op which gets 3 hits. His fierce tornado is one the best moves in the game. Does lots of damage, goes through fireballs, can combo into ultra in the corner, and is safe on block (although, some toons might be able to reversal with super, but that is just a guess).

On topic a bit, ex moves do different things depending on the character. Best thing is to just keep playing, experiment with different toons in training to get a better feel for what is happening with the specials and ex’s. For one of you asked…

Abels normal tornado throw has throw immunity, but the ex version has hit immunity. That means, he can be jabbed out of the regular, but not out of the ex, BUT, he can be thrown out of the ex, but not out of the regular. Fei longs rekkas just do more damage with the ex.

if i recall.

lp TT for abel has the longest range but weakest damage
mp TT has middle range… etc etc

but EX TT has long range and does best damage.

also if geif wants to do his ultra remember to TT him.

I thought hp tt did more damage than EX?

EX TT has hit invulnerability, but can be thrown out of. HP TT does the most damage and beats throws, but can be hit out of.

Ryu’s EX Tatsu can be used to set up Ultra in the corner.

Cammy’s EX Cannon Strike can be performed of a neutral or backwards jump.

Cammy’s EX Hooligan homes in on her opponent.

Also, a number of EX moves go through fireballs where the normal versions don’t (e.g. Blanka Ball).


WTF is a toon? Is that short for cartoon or something?!?

OP: It would be tiresome to list every characters ex properties, but if you’re curious you can click on the wiki on top of the page, then go to the character, scroll down to their frame data, and it usually tells you the ex properties.

You guys are forgetting to mention a really important one. Ken’s EX Shoryuken is the perfect move on wake up to let your opponent in on the fact that you’re a noob…it’s super useful.

**Vega’s EX Walldive **hits on the way up, and is much faster than his normal walldives.
**EX Sky High Claw (Where he twists off the wall and flys straight at you), and EX Rolling Crystal Flash **(rolling attack) are both invincible to projectiles.
EX Scarlet Terror (Flip Kick) has a tiny bit of fireball invinciblity at the start, comes out a bit faster, and does more damage.

EX lariat makes you automatically win the match.


of course you could also talk about the two schools of thought with Ryu players: those who use their EX moves and those who save it for super, for the rest of the cast there really isn’t a distinction there EX moves are ALWAYS better, Ryu is the odd man out because his Super is really good, and can justify saving a super bar, i personally prefer using his EX moves, this is all heresay of course i’m only repeating what i’ve heard so don’t quote me :razz:

No, what you heard is wrong and way too generalized for the versatility of the game. Dhalsim has an amazing super, probably the best in the game - better then Ryu :O. Does more damage than his fully loaded ultra, can be used as anti air, has comboability (like all supers), and its the only real way Sim can deal massive amounts of damage. Zangief has a very good and powerful super as well. If hes not able to find ways to land his ex green hand, he might as well stock the super. Balrog has an extremely useful super as well - goes through projectiles and does more damage then the ultra off a headbutt. At high level play, his ex rush punches are less effective because people who know the match well knows how to avoid the armor tricks, so he might as well keep the stocks. Fei long also has a great super because it goes through projectiles plus his can juggle for a few extra hits. Sagats super also can be used as a reversal to a lot of moves that are normally safe on block - like Balrogs light dash straight and Rufus fierce tornado (not sure about that one, just a guess). Last I can think of is Akuma’s super… start up is leagues faster then the ultra which makes it much much easier to land it.

So, yeah, Ryu being the only character with a useful super is… errr… NO, haha.

False . . . Dhalsim