What are the best and worst predictions you've made?

Most of our guesses are just close to what happened or off of it by not that much. However, a rare few are right on the money or so wrong it’s astounding. So, let’s hear them.

Wrong: How Omar’s story would end in The Wire.

I don’t have a “right” that I can remember so far.

i’ve correctly predicted a number of traffic accidents while driving and observing with my mirrors. none of them involved me, fortunately.

I predicted I would not win free IMAX tickets to the Alice in Wonderland screening on Thursday.

But I did.


I predicted that Brett Favre would flub up the NFC Championship game.

It was too easy though, that shit was a gimme.

This dude comes up with the most random threads…most are the same with just a couple different words switched up here and there . not hating, I just laugh a little everytime i see one.

Edit to contribute: I predicted Obama would do a very good job as president…oops, was a bit off there lol jk :slight_smile:

That West Brom would avoid relegation when they were bottom at Christmas in the 04/05 season.

?10 at 100-1. Happy days, just wish I’d put more on.

I predicted 9/11 would be a national holiday. Cards, gifts, dinners, stupid baskets, etc.

Didn’t seem to happen.

i remember when i was in 5th grade, i predicted the Titans would lose the super bowl in a very close game.

moreso of a random wild guess than prediction

Predicted the end to virtually every movie I’ve ever seen with a pretty high rate of success. The Usual Suspects included.

I remember there was some hotly-contested college football game in November 2006. Everyone in the office made score bets, winner got a coupon for free lunch at some BBQ shack. I don’t really watch college anything (except to see pro prospects play), so I just made up a number, and said the team would win by a field goal. I didn’t even watch the game over the weekend, but I heard the score on the morning news. I fucking nailed that motherfucker exactly and Shang Tsung’d the souls of all the diehard fans of that college team. Delicious victory.