What are the best moves to Start the Match?


At the instance the match starts…

I want to know is: Who has the fastest jabs?

Are standing jabs faster than crouching?

Also what are some of your match opening tricks?

Online,i find that even when I am anticipating the opponent to go for a 2 A right away, and I am blocking low, I still get hit. This is probably due to the lag. So lately I’ve been thinking the stronger bet is to go for the first hit myself; if youre both mashing jab then its at least gonna trade.

A neutral jump could be dirty and an even better combo starter than a jab. I am gonna try out some new things. The low jab is too tempting though.


I don’t start the match from point blank, I give myself a little room and usually go for an IAD C. I play Jun/Chun though so it might be different depending on your character.


throws beat pokes


Also jumping beats throws, the begining of matches is basically rock paper scissors.


I usually get as close as I can to the other guy and then I do j.A.


I usually start with a j.A up close if I they’re looking aggressive at the start. Most people will jump right away expecting you to 2A. If the character is faster than me I’ll just super jump up and try to feel them out first.


I start pretty similar to samurai X. I find myself to naturally just back off and see what progresses from there.




I also tend to block at the start of a match, but I’ve gotten thrown quite a few times. I’d rather eat the throw than a combo, though.

Blocking also gives you the chance to punish stupid they might do at the start of the match.


Being someone who usually starts the match with 2A, I’ve started to take note of the characters who have the fastest jabs in the game. In no particular order, I observe:

Roll (5A is faster I think - possibly fastest normal in the game?)

There might be others but I’m not aware. If you’re facing one of these guys and you have reason to believe they’ll start with 2A, don’t try to beat them to it.


I usually pretend I’m going to get in and poke with 2A or throw, but then I usually jump and block instead.

If I’m playing Karas, I try to get a slight distance and then I dash at the start of the match with the intention of getting behind the opponent for a quick 2A crossup. But that’s kind of risky.


Best Option.

BTW, can you jump out of Alex’s level 3 super?


1st thing that jumped to mind!


Oh god this.


I usually start matches with Alex and I will just continually walk into the opponent. Nine times out of ten they do a crouching block thinking I am going to jab… so I just powerbomb them.


Counter. They’ll never see it coming. But only once. NEVER AGAIN.


^ Lol, nice one. But yeah, blocking is pretty safe for the most part.


I usually play with slow characters. And when the round starts I usually super jump backwards.



Get Equipped With GET THE HELL OFF ME BARRIER, Volnutt! Jump over that predictable 2A as well!
If I get the feeling I’m about to get pitbull’d hard by someone who isn’t going to just try the canned low weak, I’ll probably try for the throw. I’ve been shocked by how much stuff throws will interrupt and beat in UAS.
If someone’s going to let me actually start the match anywhere but point blank, I’m going to laugh like a douchebag while starting to fill the screen with Megabuster + Machine Gun + Shocking Pink BS, letting them know that it just went JUST AS PLANNED. Seriously, don’t let Volnutt/Viewtiful start the match from even mid screen from you. It’s dumb and you’ll take more damage then you think and you’ll deserve every pixel of it.

(With my other main starter, Soki, I’ll either just block or, if they try to be tricky and start at mid or long range, sometimes just shove 5A out there. You don’t know how many people just run into that thing from mid-screen at the start of a match. It’s like they forget Soki’s holding a bigass sword or something. If I’m expecting a hard pitbull or the predictable 2A I might try for a QCF but it’s a gamble with anyone with enough brainpower to see it and throw instead.)


either j.a if they look aggressive, or if they are backing off max range 2B (which is like half a screen for karas). always gets them.