What are the BEST PS1 pads to hack for P360 setup?

hey guys, need some quick info and help here:

what are the best PS1 pads to hack for a P360 setup?
i can’t remember if it was the dual shock or with out it?

and which is preferred to use for games like cvs2/mvc2- PS2 pad or PS1 pad?

last question, are PS2 pads even hackable to use the pcbs?

please don’t flame this kigga too much on this retro topic, just gotta project going on right now trying to get it right :tup:

thanks to all

The last one I did was the standard non dual shock controller, sony brand. P360 worked great with it.


dual shocks supposedly have the best compatibility

and ps2s are impossible(errrrr just TRICKY) to hack

ps2 pads arnt tricky to hack. they are just hard =/ i did one out of 3 pads. the traces that u have to solder to are very small and burn up very easy. also u need to use super thin wire on that pcb i would go with 30gauge but 26gauge solid works fine 2.

actually, i think ps2 pads are incompatible with p360–unless you have an external power source powering the p360 (usb)

go with Dual Shock 1 or regular ass ps1 pad.

Edit: I think i’m wrong–i don’t think the p360 works at all with ps2 dualshock

All Playstation pads output 3.3v regardless of it being a ps2 of ps1 pad. The P360 will operate on 3.3v.

If you use a converter with the stick, ie; Total Control Plus for the dreamcast, the pad that you hacked for the stick will output 5v. It all depends on whether the native console’s pads output 5v.

thanks guys, good info :bgrin:

even though p360s do work on 3.3v, ps2 pads are incompatible with p360s (if toodles would like to elaborate) but I do believe it has something to do with the data signals.


You should stick to ps1 dualshock and ps1 digital pads.

Wondering about this also. Since I do have a hacked psx1 digital pad wired for sanwa stick and buttons and the converter cuts out on me when playing.
So I have to replug the stick back in and start playing again.