What are the best ST console ports?


As far as accuracy to the arcade version goes. If you could give a small list of the best few, I’d be appreciative.




about the best imo…

  1. Dreamcast (dipswitches)
  2. Hyper SF (PS2)


The best one would be the Dreamcast version, unfortunately, not too many people have Dreamcasts, or the ST version with it, and for some reason, they tend not to work after prolonged use.

Hyper SF on PS2 is pretty god awful, that thing is full of unusual bugs and glitches.

HDR Classic would be the best ‘modern’ console port, but the timing/speed differences really throws it off, and it feels clunky in comparison to the Arcade.

Your best port, for the PC, would be using MAME. It’s as close to arcade-perfect as you can get, short of owning an actual arcade board.


How is the FBA emulation? I know MAME is known for having some pretty serious input lag on a lot of games, and FBA is usually better in that area. Is the emulation quality as good in FBA, or not really?


The current version of MAME doesn’t have these issues. We tested it pretty thoroughly at a tournament a few weeks ago, and the majority of players felt great about it. No speed issues, so long as your laptop is of decent quality, not running any programs in the background, has plenty of disk space, and has lag-free monitors.

FBA is pretty bad. WAY more input lag (built into it) than MAME. MAME is by far superior to both FBA and HDR classic.


alright cool thanks. I’ll give it a shot.


I tried this recently and MAME US Turbo 2 still felt fast to me compared to an arcade board. I didn’t have an arcade board to test it side by side, but it still felt a solid notch faster than supergun Japanese Turbo 3. Could be in my head, it just seems like every time I play offline, it’s is way slower than online and I drop booms and combos constantly and walkup throws seem to take forever.


Messing around with MAME as suggested. I’ve got a relatively low lag LCD, but of course I get screen tearing. I know vsync adds a frame of lag no matter what. What’s the best way to eliminate the screen tearing without changing the speed of the game? Can I have the game sync to my monitor refresh rate and call it good?


US Turbo 2 feels fast in comparison to a US Turbo 2 arcade board? It felt fine. Realize that US Turbo 2 runs faster than Japanese Speed 3, and better for it too. You can still download a Japanese version of the ROM and set it to Speed 3 or 4 to get the speed closer to arcade perfect.

Online feels ridiculously fast due to the built-in input delay, and slight lag. I’m sure there are other factors that go into it as well. Top players have all noted that offline feels WAY different than GGPO, and it can mess up the timing of your combos.

I’ll ask DGV and find out for you. He’s experimented FAR more with MAME’s settings.


I heard this but before we state it as a fact we need some kind of testing / proof.
For what I know, US T2 and JP T3 are 99% alike.

HDR classic timing is definitely off.

I agree that the latest MAME is pretty good.
But that could be related to your input device, computer and your output (LCD)

Arcade board + CRT is still more responsive (thus felt slower as you can react to things better [less input/output lag]).

What DGV is doing is great as arcade will be truly gone in a decade. If we foresee we still want to play this game we need a backup plan.



From a quick scan from the official MAME site and checking the settings…the new version of MAME has Vsync disabled by default. The method I used to eliminate screen tearing was to set monitor resolution on the PC to 1024 x 768. The monitor was also set to 4:3 aspect ratio. I’m not sure if all LCDs support that function?

Family Man:

Speed 2 on the Japanese rom feels nearly 100% identical to Arcade T3 Japanese board…it’s it is off it’s by a minuscule. I did a brief side by side comparison. We chose to utilize Speed on the US rom per Voltech’s request =D He prefers playing on US T3 on the Showcase cabinet, so we all agreed to it. If you’re trying to match the Japanese board, go with Speed 2.

Papasi is indeed right regarding your input devices. If your LCD even has some delay, it will naturally not feel as fluid as Arcade on CRT. However, if you have a lagless LCD, the input delay/response is virtually identical. IglooBob or anyone else, If you happen to have a VGA CRT, test MAME .145 on it. I pretty much did the same test in comparison to my supergun via CRT and it felt the same.

On a side note: I disabled all of the Windows 7 Aero features…basically set it to the Wndows 7 basic/classic setting.

I’ll post more detailed information regarding the exact specifics of the monitors and tests later.

Why and when did Turbo 3 become the standard speed?

A valid concern. As far as numbers go, we don’t have any proof. However, we do have both a US and Jap arcade board for ST over at Super Arcade. When I asked the people there how they feel about the speed differences, they all told me that US speed 2 definitely feels slightly faster than Jap Speed 3, it’s nearly identical, but there is a slight difference. I agree with their opinion. I’ve done enough Guile matches on both cabs to feel the slight speed changes in charge timing.
HDR is definitely off. The timing for combos, and charge timing, are both different.

But I believe that MAME is defnitely the future of ST. It’s not arcade perfect, but it’s SIGNIFICANTLY more convenient to use than investing several hundred dollars in an arcade board, supergun, and/or cabinet.


Thanks for the clarification, everyone. The arcade board I play on is Japanese Turbo 3, and MAME US Turbo 2 definitely felt fast compared to that. This is all good to keep in mind when I’m in the lab.