What are the biggest fighting tournaments?

Everybody knows EVO is the biggest of course, but I know there are others out there. I’ve heard that the Texas showdown was pretty big for instance. So I was wondering what the biggest tournaments are. I’ve only been to a handful in florida and while they were cool, they were fairly small scale.

So, what are the names, locations and rough attendance of the biggest tournaments you know? Feel free to add 3D fighting tournaments as well.

Apologies if this has been answered before. A search for “biggest tournaments” yielded nothing. If it has been answered, give me the link and i’ll delete this thread.

Texas Showdown, ECC (East Coast Challenge), NEC (North East Challenge), MWC (Mid West Challenge)…bunch of stuff in Cali etc.

isnt there final round and the other one in cananda isnt challenge supossed to be championship?:confused:

Hey, check out the dojo, we are putting together a Jacksonville tourney right now.


So, what’s the biggest tournament for every geographical region? (IE: Atlantic north, Atlantic South, etc. etc.). And I think there also was a pretty big tourney in Atlanta?

final round is the big atl south tourny

Final Round = Southeast Major
T = Canadian Championships