What are the biggest video game tourneys


what are some of the biggest video game tourneys in the united states? like how many people do they usually attract?


Fighting game or video game? I haven’t followed competitive FPS for almost two years, but there are still many massive FPS events happening, I’m sure. Most attract quite a few thousand.


all in general like Evo And MLG events want to know more about them


EVO and it’s subsidaries. Final Round, NEC, MWC, ECC, Texas Showdown, T series in Canada.


Well overall the biggest ‘video game’ tournament is MLG. As far as fighting games go it’s EVO. Both attract upwards into the thousands of live players/spectators, and much more viewing at home.


CPL was the biggest in America. It had a great run, and watching 1.6 matches on HLTV/TSN were some of the greatest memories of gaming for me. However, those days are gone. Possible come back maybe now that some Arab company bought CPL, but who knows how that will turn out.