What are the bread and butter combos in xmenvssf for each character?


Hi, I dont play on kalieria nor did i play xmen vs sf when it was out on arcade, so I’m not very good at the game. i was hoping to learn what were some of the B&B combos for each character (preferably ending in a super)?

gamefaqs was not particularly helpful

anyway here are the ones i figured out they aren’t very good or damaging so pls help a begginer out thx:

ken - lk mk shoryureppa
akuma - lk mk shoryureppa
rogue - lk mk goodnight sugar
bison - lk mk psycho crusher
cammy - lk mk spin dive smasher
juggernaut - jump fierce headcrush
sabertooth - j. fierce, standing fierce XX after first hit into qcf + 2 p super
wolverine - lk mk berserker barrage X
charlie - lk mk sonic boom super
magneto - dash c. lk, c. fp, sj lp lk mp mk air dash up forward lp lk mp mk em disruptor
chun li - lk mk qcf + 2 kick super

ryu ???
dhalsim ???
storm ???
cyke ???
gambit ???


launch > infinite

throw > infinite


Ryu: fp, qcf + 2 punch super
Dhalsim: down fk, qcf + 2 punch super
Storm: grab in corner, qcf + 2 punch super
Cyclops: hk, qcf + 2 kick super
Gambit: down fp, qcf + 2 punch super



great combos

details pls


What kind of details are you looking for?

Are you looking for B&B super combos? B&B Air combos? B&B ground combos into specials? It might help if you would be a little more specific so we can tailor the answers to your questions…


well since all the easy combos into supers have pretty much been listed, i guess i’m looking for whatever combos that you usually see players executing time and time again.

you know, like in mvc2 how storm has the air combo into lightning storm, magneto has the ROM infinite, cable has lk, mk, rk AHVB x3, sentinel has the HSF semi infinite

they don’t fall into a single category such as air combo or ground combos, and since i dont play xvssf i would have no clue…

something more detailed than just throw into infinite and launcher into infinite …

if ppl have the time and could just list the b&b combos they use for consistent damage for whatever characters that would be awesome.


cyke bnb is launch/fp throw them into the corner then magic series ending with neutral fp so you slam them against the wall, version 1 and 2 knock them upwards so cyke has time to fall a little before they pass him, you hit them with another fp which gives you time to land on the ground, normal jump [lk, mp, fp] infinite them from there you gotta time the lk so you hit them at about the same level you cant have cyke hit them early with the lk or they’ll be too high for the fp.

not very difficult at all, can do it till the character is dead because flying screen doesnt dizzy them.

bnb for a super I say use lk, rh xx sob for best range, if you’re up close rh x 2 xx mob is good, and rh x 2 juggle xx mob is real good too.


if you mess up on the combo and they fall you can otg c.lk->c.mp->j.lk->j.mp->j.fp->infinite

or just otg c.lk->c.mp->c.mp->c.mp->c.mp

or do w/e you want the friggin combo system is hella loose.