What are the button config options in this?

I have a fighting commander 3 pro pad and wanted to know if this set up is possible:
box lp
triangle mp
r1 hp
x lk
circle mk
r2 hk
r1 mphp
r1 and r2 buttons are using the l1 l2 switch to right side option.

In SF4 I had all 3 punches and kicks mapped to r1 and r2 which took care of my ex moves as well. But since this game doesn’t use double motions for supers I can’t use this set up. Is my new set up possible?

Honestly, no one outside of Capcom knows at this point. That said, a FC Pro has 6 buttons on the face. You really don’t need any macros with that pad.

EDIT: I don’t understand, why are you mapping the Rs twice?

Since this thread is up what’s the difference between choosing “arcade stick” or controller?

Nothing, they are just preset Button Configurations.
You can play Arcade Stick using “Controller” and you can play Controller using “Arcade Stick” with.

In SF4 the buttons didn’t change when you switched them so I got curious.