What are the chances we might see Primal Rage on PSN/XBLA?

I was playing this a little bit ago and think that the game has actually aged quite well. The reds, blues, purples and other colors blend quite well and give the game a unique look. The characters look nice against the backgrounds and don’t really stick out like they do in MK or other types of games. Gameplay wise it seems okay but nothing that spectacular; I think it would be a nice game to have up there though.

Would you guys like to see this game and do you think it’s possible it might show up?

Hell no

Doubt it very seriously

Ipray for it. Even if its the Midway Arcade Treasures verison hehe :lovin:

I’d say very little, with how Midway is currently at the moment.

Probably none, but someone posted a video a while back showcasing many of the interesting and innovative gameplay features it had. For that alone, if it ever did come out, I’d support it.

It was me! thx fro the support!

:u: link?

i last played PR in middle school on my gameboy =/

Sure! There s some GB stuff there for you too hehe!


how about shaq-fu?

I’d love to see a Shaq-fu 2 with ridiculously high-res and well-animated 2D graphics, and Shaq providing voice samples for himself, or the guy who plays Shaq on MAD TV. :rofl:

Dino games really never caught my eye
Rampage destroying random crap
Jurassic park

Show me one thats good

Dino Crisis??:bgrin: