What are the charge characters?

What are all the charge characters in SSFIV? My friend was telling me once I get a stick to play a charge character. The only ones I know of are Chun and Guile. If there are anymore let me know please.

Chun-Li, Honda, Blanka, Guile, Balrog, Vega, Bison, Dee Jay, and Gen (second stance has charge moves)

Thank you.

could have looked at your manual…

Unfortunately this.

The laziness that the internet has caused…

Man, Street Fighter was such a part of life growing up, I can’t even imagine not knowing who the charge characters are…

To be a little bit fair, Chun is a command character in 3s.

Sorry guys, I’m just getting into the game. I looked up list of charge characters on google and nothing came up. I’m coming from FPS/Sports games.

We didn’t you just like you know look at their move lists?

I’m sure alot of people don’t look at the manual(they get the game & just play).

also some folks just might need clarification on the terminology. though thinking about it it seems pretty obvious, but to add to the terms you may here, punishment characters is another name for charge characters, that more accurately describes their functionality. :wgrin: