What are the differences between B rank Juris and A rank Juris?



I have a pretty successful juri but I think it has more to do with me being good at SF in general than me being good at the character. What would you say are the differences between intermediate Juris and advanced Juris? What’s the differences you notice between how B ranks operate and how A ranks operate in general?


I would say that A rank Juri’s do less random dive kicks!


There is no difference, look at weirdoneo


The number of points.


matchup/setup knowledge


b rank dont mean much, I have Juri, Ken, Ryu, Cammy, Cody all at b rank, and I am still shit with all those characters and only went 1-2 in the Mitten Mashers Mondays Tournament last monday


Yeah well that’s why I wanna know what the difference is between As and Bs play styles. I wanna get the whole cast to B and I’m well on y way but I’m thinking juri will be the one I go next level with.


follow a few on there gametags, you can follow the top players on there and watch there replays…Alot of different styles, but to be honest most just footsie mofoz to death, not much dive kicks or fancy shit, just solid fundamentals and as mention above match up knowledge, you be lucky to see a dive kick in the match at all or fadc anything.


If only 2nd impact had more pushback on block…


Actually they are all the same in that they are not Alioune. Man that was entertaining :3