What are the differences between: SSF4AE, SFxTK, UMvC3? (New to the Genre)

Hi community,

I am new to these fighting games and not touched SF since the 90’s. I am trying to decide which of the titles I mentioned I would like to invest my time in.
I only want to pick up one.

From what I have found from my google searches via highly fragmented information is…

SSF4AE & SFxTK both are more technical and more representative of chess in fighthing (mind games, tactics and all that)
This is right up my alley, that’s the kind of games I like… so which of these two represent the “cerebral theme” more?

What I got from UMvC3 is that, it is supposedly the fun one to watch but is not as technical, deep, methodical as the two I mention above.
It’s basically a combo fest and button masher.

And so, here I am for perspective. Can someone with experience on these fine games please give me a good break down as to what set’s them apart.

Two off topic questions:
1: Does SSF4AE have tag team mode on both (online and offline) in the same way like SFxTK?
2: Does SFxTK have the same amount of characters with they’re own styles (not clones in different skins) as SSF4AE extensive catalog?


post this in the newbie saikyo dojo. You’re in the wrong sub-forum.
SF4 has a team mode online, but its really nothing special.

Thanks I am new to the site where is this forum? Can you link me? Thanks.

Nvm. I found it and posted it there.

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