Hi community,

I am new to the fighting genre and have not touched SF since the 90’s. I am trying to decide which of the titles: SS4AE, SFxTK, UMvC3 I would like to invest my time in.
I only want to pick one.

From what I have found from my google searches via highly fragmented information is…

SSF4AE & SFxTK both are more technical and more representative of chess in fighthing (mind games, tactics and all that)
This is right up my alley, that’s the kind of games I like… so which of these two represent the “cerebral theme” more?

What I got from UMvC3 is that, it is supposedly the fun one to watch but is not as technical, deep, methodical as the two I mention above.
It’s basically a combo fest and button masher.

And so, here I am for perspective. Can someone with experience on these fine games please give me a good break down as to what set’s them apart.

Two off topic questions:
1: Does SSF4AE have tag team mode on both (online and offline) in the same way like SFxTK?
2: Does SFxTK have the same amount of characters with they’re own styles (not clones in different skins) as SSF4AE extensive catalog?


This looks like a troll.

AE is 1 character against 1 character.

SFxT has lots of varied characters, all of the Tekken characters are rather different.

UMvC3 is pretty deep at a high level, but you have to be really used to tons of bullshit to get there. It can be very technical. It’s also really cheap, so you can’t play it like SF obviously.

In my experience, SF4 is still more popular than SFxT. However, there’s a good minority of people who are really dedicated to SFxT. They play differently.

Honestly I don’t even know how to help you decide which one to pick besides saying “I like SF4 more, so buy that.”

I assure you - I’m not a troll nor is this thread. I am really trying to decide.

I appreciate a fighting game that rewards the technical aspect skill over button mashing

I appreciate a fighting game that provides landscape for a creative methodical player over a fast twitch muscle memory player.

Granted there is going to be fast twitch here - it’s a fighting game! But I am speaking about once you grasp the basic principles and have them down to a science - a cerebral player should trump a real good fast twitch, react only player. The game would enforce this by rewarding such approaches with a deep underlying structure to tinker about in. Basically saying: If you want to play here you need skill, commitment and if you have that… Here is your canvas and paint for you to get creative.

I have searched all through google and youtube, and no one has broken down what seperates these games. They are all Street Fighters so I have no clue what’s what?

I read on some forum when I googled this same thread question that SSFAE & SFxTK are both deep and cerebral. However that post did not go past that simple overview. I need analysis.

Thanks for your response, it wasn’t of much help to me - but I appreciate your effort in wanting to help me all the same :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone will come along in here and give me a good breakdown regarding the actual elements that separate these games. Pro’s and Con’s.

You said it yourself, if you like the technical mindgame aspect, don’t play a combofighter.
I would vote for SF4, especially the PC Version has a VERY BIG! playerpool and lots of beginners.

SFxT- too many juggle combos with two characters. For me, this is just too distracting . I’ve never been a fan of tag team. SFxT is fun, and it has some cool multiplayer elements, but to me, it’s more of a fun party type game compared to SF4, where the focus is more on learning your character’s strengths, weaknesses, matchups, mindgames,combos, etc. It just feels more complete to me. I guess SFxT has those elements too, but SF4 does it better.

UMVC is complete madness! The biggest issue I have with Marvel is that it doesn’t use the standard 6 button setup. And again, tag team- with three characters. It just feels too arcadey to me, but it does have some cool characters.

If you haven’t touched SF since the 90’s, I would definitely say you would enjoy SF4 the most. It has all the classic players, and I feel it is the most competitive and balanced of the three, and the most rewarding for putting in the time to get better. I admit I am biased against tag team fighters, but I think there is a reason why SF4 is the most popular game and the main event at most major tournaments. SF4’s biggest flaw is that there is no bathtub stage.

Please note there is no such thing as a “button masher” in fighting games.

Fair enough. I guess I should have said, “one geared more towards the casual crowd”.

Seems like the few people that have come here are representing for SSF4AE.
I may have to go that route, but before I do, I’ll stay a bit longer and see what else comes about in this thread.

All of those games reward critical thought, although Marvel is so over the top that you can lose for trying something “smart” if someone just does their normal autopilot unless you’re really precise.

If these games didn’t reward effort people wouldn’t play them competitively.

Watch tutorial videos. They have different mechanics. They play differently. Marvel isn’t SF.

SF4 has more simple mechanics, the one caveat is the focus attack.

SFxT has more flair than SF4. It’s less restricted, both in combos and options.

Giving players more options is a double edged sword. It allows more creativity but it often creates stronger options that are more abusable. Marvel has more options than SFxT, and SFxT has more options than SF4. It’s all preference really.

Excellent. I have watched some tutorials - I still was not able to get a actual grasp on what separates these games… That comes from playing experience, which I do not have, fortunately for me… That’s why I created this thread so people like you can come here and give a more indepth conversation.

Thanks for this very informative post!! It will help me out when I make my final decision.

also if you plan on playing online, SF4 has the best netcode by far

SFxTekken has still some issues, while MvC3 leaves a lot to be desired.

MvC1 and MvC2 are far better in this.

I was wondering the same question too and Im glad that I stumbled on this forum. Thanks for the information you’ve provided. :slight_smile:

The Marvel type games have pretty much the same elements of the Street Fighter series (anti-air, footsies, spacing, frame traps, plinking, option selects, etc.) except on an exaggerated scale. Low level Marvel is a lot more “mashy” than low level SF4, but at higher levels it’s a wash. You have the gods of Marvel struggling to get past the amazing zoning of Chris G in UMvC3 whereas in SF4 you have option select, option select, unblockable, unblockable, vortex, etc. Of course if you’re just starting out, getting hit by foot dive is going to be more frustrating than just about anything you’ll get hit by in Street Fighter, but as you get better Street Fighter isn’t a cake walk. I like Marvel because each match is like a puzzle and you have all these options to try to figure out how to solve the puzzle. In SF4 if you’re playing Bison against Guile or Hawk against Blanka, you might as well put the controller down because pretty much all of your options lose to the options of the other character. Also, even though SF4 is slow, the strength of unblockables, vortex, and option selects have decreased my enjoyment to the game severely.

Nope, SF4 is 1v1 only.

The only “clones” in SFxT are the shoto characters on the Street fighter side of the cast (Ryu/Ken/Akuma), and even those three feel pretty different from eachother.

This is one of the reasons I’ve found myself playing SFxT over SSF4AE since it launched. Outside of the highest skill levels (and sometimes thats not exempt depending on the matchup), AE is becoming a game of roboticly going through the motions with your setups (vortex/unblockables/fuzzy guards etc) after scoring a knockdown and then repeating until you win or screw up. SFxT on the otherhand gives the defending player some universal options which help limit how abusable the wakeup game is and makes the attacker take these things into consideration instead of just shutting off their brain and rotating between setups A and B.

That said, learning SFxT can be an extremely frustrating experience if its your first fighter in a while. This is mainly because of how hard you get punished for messing up. You can, on average, expect to lose anywhere from 40~70% of your character’s health if you do something punishable (whereas in SF4 you might lose 15~30% excluding getting hit with a super or ultra).

Anyway, to break it down (imo):

SF4(pros): Strong player base, lots of information available, slower paced, decent input delay netcode (your buttons will lag and game will freeze on bad connections), good for learning footsies and other fighting basics.

SF4(cons): Rife with optionselects, unblockables and vortex setups that can turn the game into a fairly linear experience (some people like this, I’m not one of them). Combo system can feel limited once you’ve played something with more freedom.

SFxT(pros): Tons of character variety, very rewarding combo system without being marvel levels of stupid, more tactical gameplay at the high end over SF4 (more options available to the players all around), good rollback netcode (GGPO style, avoid 2 and 1 bar connections like the plague), faster paced, Optionselects are not as prevailent and overpowering, gems*.

SFxT(cons): While you can learn the basics here just fine it can be frustrating when your opponent converts every hit into 50% damage, Less active players than SF4 but still a healthy online community, Information/Tutorials for some of the cast is difficult to come by (don’t even look for a blanka guide, seriously.) gems*

    • gems depend on your point of view. Many people hate on them because the majority are DLC and considered pay2win, but since I tend to destroy most people on psn with my default gems I don’t really see that as being the case. They do add an interesting layer of strategy if you take the time to look into them though (online only, tournaments run defaults).

I’d comment on marvel but well, I’ll leave that for someone who actually plays it.

Note: If you’re a PC player get SF4… SFxT isn’t even an option on PC. The PC ports netcode is THAT bad.

Low-Mid Level SF4 isn’t the unblockable vortex-fest that high level is. I’d recommend that.

This is EXACTLY what I was looking for – a deep analysis that extracts the elements of these games and serves up a nice breakdown for people like myself.

Thanks for this it was very insightful and enlightening! I appreciate you answering my off topic questions as well.

SFxTK is looking to be my choice. From other sources as well as here, I am registering that SFxTK seems to fall in between SF4 & UMvC3 - (pulling in the best attributes from both) but sprinkled with a bit more seasoning of: Geared more towards “cerebral fighters” which is right up my alley.

Off Topic
I am going to YouTube more about the gems. From what I’ve gathered it sounds to me like the fighter equivalent of the Call of Duty “Perk System”