What are the different kinds of HD arcade cabinets out there?


Seems a lot of people are undertaking building their own arcade cabinets these days. Seems that most everyone is going with the Viewlix layout, but I was wondering what other kinds of HD cabinets are out there?

I was poking around the internet and I found these pictures.

Not only does that look easier to build than a Viewlix, but it leaves the door wide open to swap out the screen for something else, and rotate the screen with ease. What are some of the other cabinet designs out there?

So we have
Bravo 32**



Delta 32




Namco Noir HD

Vewlix F/L/Vs


Sega Lindbergh


Chinese and Korean Cabs

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This one looks interesting and was a design I have (and still am) considering making. I’d be inclined to stylise it a bit to lose some of that ‘piano’ look. I like the way the screen tates as it doesn’t look too difficult to implement. The bezel looks quite straight forward too.


Those are the New Delta 32 cabinets.

Universal HD cabinets that is a cheaper alternative than the Taito Vewlix.
Very cool monitor rotation mechanism.

Sunnyvale has those running Sf4.

They are solidly built but are an eyesore.

other HD cabs are:

Namco Noir HD (the ugly tekkn cabs)
Sega Lindbergh (looks like johnny 5)
Vewlix F/L/Vs (I think they look the best)
Bravo 32 (HD cabs that looks similar to the old SD candy cabs)
and a whole bunch of Chinese clone cabs…


That rotating screen one is interesting
I still want to copy a vewlix design but definitely need to work in a way to rotate the screen


yeah that’s a difficult task if you want a rotational mechanism for a monitor.

…well you can get a HP W2408H which has a built in rotational mechanism.


You can get swivel mounts pretty cheap from monoprice:


You mean they are ugly, or is there something wrong with the screens?:wonder:


Monoprice is great but it looks like they have mounts that tilt and swivel. A rotating mount is what would be needed for the application people are looking for.


Some do rotate, this one for instance:


Crap. I was looking through out thier selection last night and missed any rotating mounts. My bad.


That’s what I’m doing with my Vewlix version. I’m using a Sanus MF215 tilt/rotating mount. I have to chase my friend down as he’s really busy with his normal carpentry business to finish it, but I’m hoping to have it done really soon with pictures.

The problem I’ve run into is the actual mounting options on a wood version compared to the actual version. So when I rotate the screen, it actually doesn’t go back flush with the panel. Not a big deal to me since I don’t play a lot of portrait games, but it’s something that someone else could better design around.


Hmm I’ll have to look into that. My only thing is I’m not that imaginative so following a loose blueprint based no Ericleroi(hope I spelled that right)'s design. I want something small to get a versus setup going and 24inches is the right size+toss the evo monitor in there(24inch version of course) for added awesomeness. Only thing is with his design the monitor slides into place I think. I could probably get it working without much hassle but I might need to make the back a little deeper. Still going at it pencil and paper style for now. I’ll gladly report once I get the stream rolling tho :rofl:

  • You would definitely need to mount it against the back of the panel on a board if you wanted to use an articulating mount. You wouldn’t use the slide type design on most of the custom Vewlix cabinets, unless you wanted to take apart the cabinet all of the time.


I figured as much, if I make the back deeper I could hide it fairly well :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if I might need to resize the panels under and over the monitor or just make a second set to stick on their. Probably go with the second idea, seems like the less headache inducing option.


There’s also the Sega’s Lindbergh universal cabinet. It’s the “official” one for stuff like Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtua Tennis 3.

http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/1246/sega.th.jpg http://img260.imageshack.us/img260/5030/ps3cab.th.jpg http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/8933/linb16au.th.jpg http://img73.imageshack.us/img73/1017/linb23iy.th.jpg

(edit: My bad, I missed that in the original post. I’ll just leave this up anyway for the pictures.)

There are a number of Chinese and Korean made cabinets around too. Some examples here:

These two are blatant Vewlix imitations.


What are some of the average measurements that tend to be used for sit down cabinets and stand up. Like what height is it usually to the top of the control panel and how much space is there between the player and the screen?


The Noir cabs are really popular out here. Although they don’t have the pretty factor of the Vewlix, they are just as comfortable to play on.


I’m using this - nice and simple :slight_smile:


I’m still trying to come up with some rule’s of thumb for general measurements. By looking at the Google Sketchups for Donovan’s Viewlix it seems the screens are tilted back from vertical by about 30-35degrees, there’s 26" between the floor and the top of the contorl panel, and the 20" between the end of the control Panel and the base of the display portion.

Are those typical measurements? That Bravo 32 cab seems to have the player much closer to the screen than the Viewlix or Delta 32.


Love Delta 32 shape, so clean and simple, very elegant imho