What are the easiest characters with good combos?

I want a team that has very easy players with really good combos… Is there such team?


Im new btw…

should be in team building but try wolverine, doom vergil

Captain America gets pretty good damage from easy combos.

Captain america

Wolverine and Cap are the easiest in this game IMO. Ghost Rider can be easy if you want to lame it out using j.S every time XD (don’t do that plz). His combos are somewhat easy, but he isn’t as good as Wolvie or Cap. The bad thing about these two is that they are better at point. I’d recommend the team Captain America/Hulk/Sent for a starter. Lots of health, easy combos and strategy. Also the awesome assist from Sentinel. You can try Hawkeye too but he demands a little bit more of time due to his insane amount of arrows.

Wolverine / Vergil / Sentinel


Wolvering / taskmaster / akuma.

2 great asissts for wolverine. wolverine is probably the easiest to learn in the game. Task has ridiculous normals and shield mother fucking skills. Tatsu allows you to throw shield skills at will and pressure the hell out of your opponent with task. If you can throw fireballs while jumping akuma can be a pain in the ass. As an anchor akuma can be a monster because you really can’t call an assist against his beams.

Seriously, this is a fantastic starter team and can actually really put in some work if you get accustomed to the team.

Easiest and most effective characters are Vergil, Wolverine, and Wesker and Nova. Captain America, Haggar, Sentinel, Taskmaster, Frank West, Ghost Rider, Hulk, Spencer are easy to use but not as good.

Wolverine/Doctor Doom/Vergil
Captain America/Doctor Doom/Vergil
Captain America/Vergil/Taskmaster
Nova/Spencer/Doctor Doom
Spencer/Doctor Doom/Vergil
Spencer/Doctor Doom (or Vergil)/Frank West
Vergil/Doctor Doom/Frank West

the thing with frank is the level up problem you need a set up which with some characters are actually really hard or point less really…

Yeah, but there are characters with guaranteed levelling up set ups for Frank like Vergil, Spencer and Nova (and Magneto). You can also TAC, Noel Brown and Wolverine for example, and use raw tag combos, so it is possible. It’s just the better the character you have on point (or the better your set up), the easier it will be to level Frank up.

I’m new aswell and I would say Frank West is the one I think the the easiest combos which isn’t hard to pull off, the leveling up part isn’ hard aswell, but a factor I wouldn’t want to deal with in everygame. You can TAC into him like noel brown, and this works very well and isn’t that hard to pull off, or you can go the easiest way by having skrull first, get them in the air, inferno hyper, dhc into frank and take a picture, instant level 4, and you can use super skrull assist to get to lvl 5 (apology man style from SoCal).

Be warned that low execution barrier doesn’t necessarily mean easy to use, the likes of Vergil and Zero probably are more beginner friendly than they look because they have easy to understand and abuse cheap tactics, while Wolverine and Wesker have a low execution barrier but you need some degree of mastery in fundamentals to be a threat with them. Because they aren’t as cheap as some of the other characters.

True, with Wolverine try dive kicking every time your close to the other character and if you ever make them block, call assist and bezerker slash. Wesker? Play online and put him in the back.

Now you are on your way to mastering these characters, you can thank me later.