What are the easiest ways to perform a srk whilst crouching/standing

having trouble doing srk

Press forward, down, down-forward, punch.

There is a shortcut to do an SRK while crouching but I wouldn’t reccomend doing it for a while if you are a new player

Air talks about it in his video but does not explain the command for it properly

its just down-forward,down-forward

When you are standing, for me the easiest form to do the srk is: forward. down-forward, forward
When you are crouching, the easiest way for srk is: down-forward, down, down-forward, this form is very effective and in case that you oponent do a cross up the srk go with auto correct (need precise time, must be done when the rival is very close to hit you). Hope this help

Shoryuken input: :f: :d: :df:
Crouching shoryuken input: :df: :d: :df:

thanks all for the help