What are the essential things that a bison player should no?


How to spell

Beat me to it :frowning:

You should also know to check the bison subforums.

This. Also, stop changing your character so much. You’ll never get above scrub level by changing character every 2 weeks.

i seem like a dumbass on this forum -_- or at least hated a lot

this is my last post on srk

bye bitches }:expressionless:

Don’t come back

Wow guys, So mean! ;(((. Yeah I’m sorry if shit like this comes up wayy too much.

But here. Chaos please check out the sub forums like they said, almost ALL the character sub forums has a guide to pretty much everything to know about the character, and if not, you can always just play with the character for a while and you’ll find out something yourself.

Yep you can pretty much post any other noob question here, but try to refrain from posting random character ones like what should I know about X such character, because the resource is already here, you just gotta dig with 2 clicks.

Yeah, it’s true though, every time you change characters it’s like starting over again. Feel free to try all the characters you want though, because eventually you’ll find one you’ll stick with.

I don’t know if you’re going to be serious about entering tournaments and stuff, but that requires a LOT of practice and sticking with usually one character.

Hope you don’t leave SRK ;(, a lot of nice people are on this forums. Just try not to piss people off, or anything. We’re all human.

Here you go… http://shoryuken.com/f260/ I even linked you with the M.Bison sub forum. There’s a lot of useful stickies there too.

Such as…

This is pretty much the fundamentals that you seek. http://shoryuken.com/f260/psycho-science-fundamentals-dictator-more-learn-here-181739/

Has most of his combos and BnB (Bread and Butter : Essential) Combos http://shoryuken.com/f260/dictator-combo-thread-he-rules-iron-fist-energy-165392/

If you have any further questions about him you can just ask here. http://shoryuken.com/f260/bison-beginners-o-ask-here-before-making-new-threads-239800/

The rest of the stickies are pretty useful too. Like the video thread, to study pro players, and frame data that you’ll understand and use later.

There’s even a Bison friend thread where you can find other buddies to practice, train, and fight with.

You don’t need to leave, just honestly think “Can I find this somewhere else? Does this really need to be posted?” before making a topic. There is a search function for a reason.

Every single topic you’ve posted can easily be found elsewhere on the forums extremely easily, and it gets people frustrated, especially when you create a new topic every other day, 90% of the time directly related to the previous one, asking extremely basic questions or questions to which the answers are basic logic.

You have to think for yourself sometimes.


is pretty funny.

How to be entirely random, because every Bison I play spam safe, yet, extremely random moves with no particular pattern at all.

In any event, its pretty easy to tell the intention of every new SRK Member: “How can I ask a question that fits in so that I can feel like I’m part of the community?”

Pretty Typical, but if I had anything to say about it, he DID post in the Newbie forum. Then again, its common the responses in the newbie forum you’d get would be from assholes.

I swear… we need a forum JUST for saying hi and introducing the noobies. (Not sure if we have one)

I’m not sure what to say.

Why do we need an introductory forum

they are worthless

We have plenty of stickies to explain the etiquette expected and just like all forums this one has an easy to navigate forum list and a very useful search function.