What are the EVO monitors?

I’ve been entering tournaments and like to record the matches in case of disputes. The problem is the HDTV I use uses HDMI, but my capture card doesn’t. Everytime I enter a tournament, I have to bring an older, standard definition tv with composite inputs from the other end of the house to the room where I play tournaments. I was thinking I would like to buy a monitor like they have at EVO since it would be portable. Does anyone know what brand the EVO monitors are? And, if they have a composite input that would work well with a capture card, or if using composite inputs on the EVO monitor would introduce input lag since I’m not even sure the EVO monitors are HD or have composite inputs to begin with?

If this wouldn’t work, could someone please recommend a different solution like perhaps a flat screen standard def tv that only uses composite so there wouldn’t be a lag, or a different capture card that uses HDMI and is not ridiculously expensive.

Thank you

Watch this. Starts at about 16:30. EVO 09 monitor is the ASUS VH236H.
There are no composite inputs on it, but the video should explain what you could do. Basically get an HDMI splitter + capture device.
You could also find a capture device with HDMI so you won’t need the HDFury mentioned there, making it easier than what they suggest.

I think you would be hard pressed to find an HD display that doesn’t lag with composite inputs. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know what capture card to recommend. Hopefully someone else will post up with that information.

I will also add that the monitor that Evo used in 2010 is the Alienware OptX AW2210. It lags less, looks better, and has a cool design, but doesn’t have built in speakers, is slightly smaller, and costs more. I think it’s worthwhile, but they are both good.

Any word on the 2011EVO monitor selection yet?

I could ask.

would be nice to know!

Composite: only the worst, eh?

ASUS VH236H from the past years would likely be the standard unless we are suddenly upgrading to the twice as expensive 1ms vs 2ms delay monitors. Also the 1ms monitors do not all have speakers so its not cost effective. With rebate its a cheap monitor and high quality too boot.


This should be the new setup that EVO11 should be running.

Also, check this out for recommended setups.


It sounds like you are thinking of panel response time and not display lag. Lots of monitors have fast panel response time but still lag badly.

As stated in the New HDTV Lag FAQ:


Are there any larger monitors than the VH236H that are known to be low lag? And yes, I know about the lag thread but that this is a zillion pages long and not necessarily up to date. There was talk of starting a new one a while back…