What are the exact inputs for Chun's Lightning Legs Loop? and O/S Thread

As you can see desk use piano method to do the loop, but you can also use the slide method, either way u have to make sure to do hk legs into mk legs, for inputs i use this:

:db: :hp:~:mk:, :hk:~:mk:~:lk:, :hk:, :mk: x4

or you can do this (or any variation*)

:db: :hp:~:mk:~:lk:, :mk:~:lk:, :hk:, :mk: x4

:db: :hp:~:mk:, :lk:, :lk:, :mk:, :hk:, :mk: x4 (TJimBo Drewbacca Method)

:db: :hp:+:lk:~:mp:, :hk:~:mp:, :hk:~:mp:, :mk: x4 (aznc0ffe388’s plinking technique)

:db: :hp:~:lk:, :hk:~:mp:, :hk:~:mp:, :mk: x4 (desk plink variation)

*ok, some things that you have to know about the Lightning legs is that you need 5 inputs to activate them, and the most natural way to do it is one of the inputs shown above. Once hk LL activates you just need to input 4 mk to get the extension LL. The loop is character specific and distance/counter hit dependant, have been said that, ill put together a list showing on who the loop its viable(feel free to point it out others being hit by the loop)

Works 100%
]Dee Jay

Only Standing

Only Crouching

Does not work

Chun-li infinite

Basic O/S

[details=Spoiler]cr.lk, hk~mk~lk, EX legs. Option select for back dashers, punishes with sweep.
j.hp, HCB+taunt. Option select for teleporters, punishes with hazanshu.
j.hp. Throw+hp. Option select for whiffed land throw or jump double fierce
j.hp, cr.taunt. Option select for back dashers, punishes with sweep.[/details]

Specific O/S

Vs. Viper

a) cr. lp, st. lp + st. hp

beats: Burning Kick, Back Dash, and Ex Seismo.

Loses to: hp thunder knuckle and wake up ex Feint.

Do this after an untechable knockdown. Press cr. lp then st. lp+ st. hp. If they block you should get 1 jab. If they do one of the above things first mentioned a fierce will come out.

b) Forward Throw, slightly pause, J. hp, db hp + hk

beats: Burning Kick, Back Dash, ExSeismo and hp thunder knuckle.

loses to: hp Feint on wake up that was discovered by PJS Latif to have invincibility on start up.

Here is the video where I explain this OS.



VS Rufus[details=Spoiler]

f.throw, dashx2, meaty cr.lp, st.lp+hp (dont forget to hold back while doing st.lp+hp)

Mesiah blocked, punish with u1/u2

if rufus backdashes you tag him with far hp

if for some reason cr.lp connects it will chain into cl.lp, from there u can do cr.lp into st.hp or cr.mk xx EX legs after the cl.lp.

i think is useful to bait those mesiah, but who knows…

f.throw, dash, j.lk~Ex hazanshu (the j.lk is a cross up)

if rufus back dashes chun reset him gaining a mix up
if rufus does wake up mesiah (reversal or not) doesnt get autocorrected and EX hazanshu tag him
if rufus does EX snake, MP snake or HP snake EX hazanshu tag him (same as EX mesiah)
if rufus does Wake up ultra1 (reversal or not) the hazanshu wont activate and the ultra wont hit you, punish accordingly
if rufus does reversal super chun lands behind him, punish
ir rufus does late super chun gets hit.
if rufus does lp snake the hazanshu whiff.

if you have super use HK hazanshu (mk wont reach), same results by trading knockdown for super link.

if for some reason rufus knows this set up and use a lp snake you can do lk hazanshu and punish his snake, but you wont be able to punish Ex mesiah.[/details]

VS Juri [details=Spoiler]f.throw, dash, j.hk~cr.hk (the j.hk lands in front of juri its not a cross up)

if juri back dashes os sweep tag her
if juri does EX pinwheel (aka senpusha) reversal or not chun lands behind her activating the cr.hk
if juri does reversal lk/mk super, chun lands behind her, punish accordingly (cr.hk wont activate)
if juri does EX counter cr.hk hit her activating the counter, be careful with the follow up (any other version gets stuffed by the cr.hk)
if juri does hk super (reversal or not) chun gets hit (chun can safe jump this by removing the cr.hk from the set up)
if juri does lk/mk super late chun gets hit (chun can safe jump this by removing the cr.hk from the set up)
if juri does U2 reversal or not chun gets hit (chun can safe jump this by removing the cr.hk from the set up)

if by any reason the j.hk connects, confirm it into BnB of choice
if the j.hk gets blocked use blockstrings to maintain momentum[/details]

VS Dudley[details=Spoiler]

f.throw, dash, j.hk~cr.hk *

if dudley backdashes, cr.hk tag him
if dudley does lp srk, cr.hk tag him (srk wont auto correct)
if dudley does mp, hp or EX srk, cr.hk whiff is possible to punish his landing recovery with cr.lk BnB (srk wont auto correct)
if dudley does any normal duck, cr.hk tag him
if dudley does EX duck he can block the cr.hk (actually he can punish before blocking, tight timing tho)
If dudley does thunderbolt (down, up, Kicks) the cr.hk whiff, is possible to punish his landing recovery
Reversal or not u1, u2 and super will wiff, cr.hk wont activate, punish accordingly
The first srk of a late lp super (i.e non reversal, the other late versions whiff btw) conects but not the full super, punish accordingly
If dudley does HP or EX machine gun the cr.hk will whiff, quite impossible to punish due distance.
if dudley does counter, normal or EX, the j.hk gets tag before landing, be aware of this.

  • Is possible to change the cr.hk for u2, this way chun can punish the same things (counter wiill tag the j.hk anyways tho), the problem is EX duck, not only the animation of chun u2 gives him time to block but to mash u1 or u2, be careful.[/details]

VS rose[details=Spoiler]

f.throw, walk one step, j.hk~st.mp

if rose does back dash, st.mp tag her and is possible a super link
If rose does EX srk (whiff), j.hk whiff activating cl.mp (whiff) punish the landing recovery
If rose does any other srk version j.hk will stuff the srk, confirm into BnB of choice
If rose does reversal EX soul spiral (the drill thing) chun blocks, punish accordingly
If rose does reversal U1 chun blocks, punish accordingly
If rose does reversal U2 j.hk stuff it, confirm into BnB of choice
if rose does any version of super, chun blocks, punish accorndingly

There are 3 possible outcomes for this set up, if you walk to much EX srk beat this, if you walk less than a step the j.hk whiff making this set up useless against every option including getting thrown, practice the right spacing, its not hard. Also is possible to change the st.mp for a st.hp, the only difference is the dmg/stun (st.mp 60dmg/100stn against the 100dmg/200stn of the fierce) and of course you are trading the super link for a reset on the back dash punish[/details]

Contributors: Necrotrophic, Azrael, xNASHFANx, TJimBo Drewbacca, aznc0ffe388

Over my head… I just wish I could land cr.hp into legs consistently lol.

For using a D-Pad:
In order to do her HK Lightning Legs you must slide LK, MK, LK, MK, HK

desk’s combo is piano’d.

pinky - 5
ring - 4
middle - 3
index - 2
thumb - 1

His exact inputs with the fingers go 5-4-3-2-3-4

This gets the RH legs to come out. Spam out around 5 inputs of MK legs, then 1-frame link the cr.Fierce with the exact same input.

You have to the the input on auto-pilot, but you still can’t sleep through the combo because you have to remember the next part is

cr.Fierce, fireball, fadc, cr.Fierce legs loop.

The final input is a straight link to ultra, which only works if you’re far enough away from the dummy to get the very last hit of the legs to connect, which gives you the full +7 frame advantage to connect with the ultra.

We need a mod to sticky this thread. Anybody got a hookup?

also im going to add the plink method from the desk bounty results video, once i practice a little tho

i’ve been dicking around with this and what ive found is plink :hp: ~ :mk: then side to and past :lk: and back to :hk: and mash 4 :mk:, this is really easy linking the next :hp: is still a bitch but easyer with a plink, so inputs look like…


its important to note that as a honda/ex gen player i truely dispise chun li and my only motive for shareing in this thread is to help people get better at this combo so capcom can see how broke it is and nerf her ass like vanila gen XD

They arnt gonna nerf her…stop complaining…Honda is overpowered…thats why hes getting nerfed…shes fine how she is now…the combo is NOT broken…it takes alot of practice to learn something like this…its been in since vanilla…

im only half serious :slight_smile: but i gotta dissagre with this combo being hard, that hp link is hard, but cr.hp xx hk legs xx mk legs is so not

and how can you say honda is over powered as a chun player :expressionless: she owns that match so bad

mainly damage ouput…

yeah he has high damage output but he is so easly zoned and kept away that he needs to cause big damage when he gets in cuz if your good, and know how to fight him, he shouldnt be able to get in very often, but hey, i really dont mind them nerfing damage as long as they give him somthing to deal with fire ball zoners, any way this aint about honda it about chun :slight_smile:

Hey Jimbo man I’ve felt you’re jab hands to hands to Super… Chun can zone all she wants, land that and its still round over :frowning:

yeah i know, fuck it, i cant lie honda is a little broken, but so is chun

np. i´d add ur method to the 1st post, thx for sharing :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t cause HK lightning legs to come out, which is crucial for the loop. Your suggestion would cause you to do cr.HP xx MK Legs, then extend into MK Legs. The pushback is too far at that point – all you can do afterwards is sweep.

Also, while I understand what you meant your description is slightly inaccurate. You said HP, MK, LK, then LK+MK, then mash MK. Technically, that’s only four inputs (if you do LK and MK at the same time) which won’t cause the Lightning Legs to come out, although if you mash MK it’ll still come out eventually. I think what you mean is to piano again, LK and MK.

Your assertion is, HP~MK~LK~MK~LK~MK MK MK MK MK, basically. It’s viable, but only if you only ever intend to follow up with sweep and not do another loop.[/details]

just wondering what method is desk using in this video??

NOTE: This was directed at a post which has since been removed


Sorry, not trying to be offensive, just saying, I don’t think that method is the smartest way of doing it. It doesn’t utilize all three kick buttons, which is almost essential in any piano-type combo, which is what you are showing.

I just think there are much better (and more reliable) ways of doing cr.HP xx Legs. Additionally, the fact that you did the combo against Rufus doesn’t show exactly why it’s so much more important to use HK legs to start rather than MK legs – MK legs has much more push-back, and against opponents with smaller hitboxes, or against opponents who are crouching, not all the hits will connect, leaving Chun open to be punished.[/details]

Legs loop help

Can someone tell me what is the easiest piano method to do the loop because I want to learn how to do it by pianoing. Right now I do the slide method but I don’t like it at all its too sloppy. When I finish the 1st hk legs and go for the second sometimes I get an ex legs. Also I get a standing heavy punch on the cr.hp>mp kikoken fadc part sometimes or cr.mk because you have to plink and slide right after and that can get annoying.

I don’t think that anyone can tell you what the “easiest” method is, as it’s different for everyone. You should examine the ways in which you can hit HP, and then quickly squeeze in five kick inputs (ending on HK, but starting wherever you’re comfortable) reliably.

The way I do it is, I plink cr.HP with LK using my thumb (thus serving two purposes, one making it easier to link the cr.HP as part of the loop, and two, counting as the first kick input). Then I piano down twice. HK~MK~LK~HK~MK, and stop before I hit LK again, and just keep tapping MK.

So :db::hp:~:lk:, :hk:~:mk:~:lk:~:hk: [HK Legs comes out] ~ :mk: :mk: :mk: :mk: :mk:

Also, unless I’m observing incorrectly, Desk does something similar to this method as well, except he hits LK with his index rather than his thumb.

Thanks for the help but I’ll just stick to sliding it’s more easier for me to slide then piano cr.hp>hklegs>mklegs I’m getting better at it I just need more practice. How do you get Cr.hp>hklegs>mklegs 3times in a row on Dhalsim before the sweep I can only get it twice in a row then when I’m about to go for the 3rd I’m out of range what am I doing wrong?