What are the EXTRA OPTIONS that you unlock in SF3:3s?


I watched a youtube vid that disucussed cancels, links, chains, and kara throws and you could select ‘Tutorial’ but you could also select ‘hentai’ (obviously a joke)so that makes me think the tutorial mode might’ve also been a custom thing.


When I look on gamefaqs, unlocking system directions (which I don’t care about, but would unlock while trying to obtaine extra options) and unlocking ‘EXTRA OPTIONS’ are done in the same way but with extras taking more work, so it makes me think that u unlock more then just System Directions.

Could anyone tell me what those ‘EXTRA OPTIONS’ are?

Supposedly you beat the game with every character and Unlock Gill. Then beat the game with Gill and you unlock ‘extra options’. I’m just rly rly curious as to what they are and I’ll appreciate receiving the answer.


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52 views and nobody knows?


I don’t remember much of the extra options, but one I do remember is eliminating the bonus stages from the arcade mode.


Stupid shit like changing around damage output, vitality, timing on parries, etc. Just play it on the DC Toodles disc and load the save state, it has all that opened up.


Ok, extra options are basically, you can fuck with the system. You can make your gauge short (genei jin short) or long(shin shoryuken long) give yourself recovering health, recovering meter, unlock all SA(street fighter Alpha style) make yourself have 9 stocks, make the game start off with max stocks. You can make chains basically gattling combinations from Guilty Gear and do othe retarded shit with it.


You can do some things like this:



wow, that video makes 3s look fun! (almost)


wow. that’s some stupid shit i rly don’t give a fuck about. My expectations were a tutorial for me to train cancels, links, kara throws n stuff in that vid, but those expectations were far from met. Thnx a fuckin bunch to all who responded with info.


Extra options has rapid fire. Can be useful for testing stuff in training mode like reversals, links, recording the dummy, and other things. Everything else in that menu is mostly pointless.