What are the Fighting Styles of All the SSF4 characters?


Forgive me if there’s thread somewhere in the archive. I was just wondering what the fighting styles for everyone was. Is there a list or can we tell just by looking. The only ones I can tell are:

The shotos all use Shoto style?
Juri = Taekwondo
Rufus = Fatty Kung Fu
Zangief = Russian Wrestling
Guile = most likely military training martial arts
Abel = mix of grappling and striking, like those UFC fellows
Makoto = Karate


Saikyo is a mix of Muy Thai and Shotokan Karate. And a little extra.

Cody’s fighting style is pure ass whoopin’.


Ahh forgot Sagat and Adon’s Muay Thai. That’s pretty obviously since they say it all the time.

Cody’s the only ACTUAL “street” fighter.
Dee Jay is some kind of dance fighting… Like Sambo?
Guy and Ibuki do ninjutsu?
E Honda is obviously sumo.


Based off what I remember, and research:

Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken: Some form of karate based on Ansatsuken(a generic term for “assasination arts”)
Chun Li: Looks like Tai Chi and Chinese Kenpo
E. Honda: Sumo
Blanka: Electricity, Self-taught fighting style
Guile: A mix of martial arts and pro-wrestling
Zangief: Russian pro-wrestling
Dhalsim: Yoga
Cammy: Delta Red Auto-defence Training
Dee Jay: Kickboxing
Fei Long: Hitenryuu Kung Fu
T. Hawk: Thunderfoot Clan Fighting Style
Balrog: Boxing
Vega: Spanish Ninjitsu
Sagat: Muay Thai
M. Bison: Psycho Power
Abel: MMA, Judo
Crimson Viper: Covert Fighting Tools
El Fuerte: Lucha Libre(Mexican pro wrestling)
Rufus: Self-taught Kung Fu based on Snake style
Seth: ???
Sakura: Self-taught imitation of Ryu’s style
Dan: Saikyo-Ryu
Gen: Mantis and Crane style Kung Fu based on Ansatsuken
Rose: Soul Power
Cody: Street Fighting/Boxing
Guy: Bushin-ryu Ninjitsu
Adon: Muay Thai
Dudley: Boxing
Ibuki: Ninjitsu
Makoto: Rindokan Karate
Hakan: Oil Wrestling

Silly fact: There are more wrestlers in all the Street Fighter games than karate users.
Juri: Tae Kwon Do


yeah and Dhalsim style is from mexico, people fight like him around here on the streets


I dunno, I read somewhere that it was Spanish Ninjitsu. The dude’s Spanish, so I figured whatever. haha

And fine, Jeet Kune Do.




Just some corrections:

The official martial arts listed by Capcom for the original World Warriors

Ryu, Ken: Shotokan Karate
Chun-Li: Wushu
Blanka: Capoeira
Zangief: Sambo


The whole Shotokan Karate was ret-conned a long time ago wasn’t it? Hence why people still call them Shoto-clones when they actually have their own fictional martial art called the Ansatsu-Ken?


Also, what Hakan does is called Kirkpinar which is Turkish Oil Wrestling :X


I thought it was ninjitsu mixed with bullfighting (hence the matador outfit) combined with some form of cage fighting


Yeah its safe to assume the ‘ryu clones’ do the same style. Except Sean and Dan of course.

Fei Long does Jeet Kune Do, as he should, since Bruce Lee does it too.

And I think Vega does Spanish ninjutsu.


Dan = Shotokan and KYOKUGEN RYU