What are the interesting concepts & useful helper (e.g. Assist and Striker) you have known?


What are the interesting concepts, memorable, underrated & useful helper moves you have seen and encountered in different FGs that are even beyond Mahvel.

It can be a be also a character special move or gauge move other than just an assist and striker e.g. like R.Mika’s V trigger Nadeshiko, KOF2k1’s Zero Striker Ron, Nakururo’s Mamahaha Flight and Phoenix Wright’s Maya in UMVC3.

Interesting concepts like Seth KOF2k that is exceptional because it ain’t like other generic and usual function of an strikers/assist?

Another one was Michelle Heart in MVC1 that is the one SP that can be activate in mid air.


Even interesting idea of characters with assist in doujin FGs and indie FGs.