What are the Japanese doing Differently?



Firstly, they seem to share with each other their strategies alot more (side question - where? just in person at the arcades, or is there some japanese SRK? do we know they share strats or just assume?)

It’s strange, but my gut instinct is to not tell anyone what I’m using in games. It’s weird, not like any of you are going to play me in tourney, but my first reaction is to not want to tell…

We really need to master the vortex. [media=youtube]cFRcezxVWKs[/media] shows a random Akuma beating Sabin convincingly using this tactic. This could level up all our games.

They also seem to be alot less aggressive, Momochi especially. In a few of his videos, he does alot of empty, fireball-less jumps. Much more calculating than our players, who seem to either be attacking directly or throwing fireballs every second. Just an observation.

What else do you think we don’t do that the Japanese are doing?

Edit: I could have sworn I updated this when I found out that Akuma was Yuu, like ten minutes after posting. Must have forgotten. Sorry guys, no need to get this damn butthurt though.


To be honest, I can’t really see what they do differently. The only difference I see is North American players play more flashy than the Japanese. It just looks like they focus a lot on minimizing risk.

What I have noticed though is us North American players seem to play a lot like each other (in terms of strategy and combos) We tend to take what we learn form others and from online sources (such as videos form top players) and not just implement it to our play style but… copy it (for lack of a better term lol)

Not that it’s bad or anything. To me, the Japanese players just look more unique to me :sweat:


My personal theory is that the Japanese have had this game a lot longer than us. I think they had it at least half a year (maybe a full year) before most of the Americans were able to touch it.

So to put it in perspective, let’s say this game is Halo, and let’s say Americans have had this for a year before anyone else. We have learned all the maps, all the weapons, all the best strategies to use in every situation. We learn and discover stuff first, and are able to implement all this new-ness at first chance.

Then, let’s say the Japanese get Halo and how good are they going to be at it? Not very, they are just learning what we learned a year ago. We have a year of experience with the game and are ahead of the curb in every aspect.

So give the Japanese 6 months to improve, and yes, they get good, heck, they might get really good, but we still have those same 6 months to get better as well, so Japanese are always playing catch-up even though they are good.

This is what I believe is going on with SF4. They have had the game longer, and are ahead of the curb. No matter what we do, we will always play catch and in theory (my own theory) will always be behind in skill and development.

Can we not beat them? No, we have a chance, but they just have that advantage. So they just have a better style and different culture, which in time, we will adapt to. But in time, they might change again, etc.

I hope this makes sense.


Makes perfect sense, but the one thing separating them from us is competition. The absolute best players can go head to head every single day for hours. Japan is so small that you can go pretty much anywhere you want to play whoever, not like here, where getting EC to play WC is impossible unless its the rare huge tournament that comes along every few months.

Imagine how good you would get if all the best were only a few feet away at the arcade, every single day. Combine that with ten or more years of street fighter experience and having the game earlier, and you get the top Japanese players.


They have an arcade scene


Is there a place where I can find a bunch of Japanese videos ? (besides youtube lol) I want to study there style of play (maybe even mimic) . It would be cool to see how people try to deal with the differences :tup:


Here: http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/8319478

If you dont want to register, use this link to redirect you to the videos: http://www.mmcafe.com/nico.html


Sweet. Thanks :china:


ummmm can we please stop calling it the “vortex”. I don’t know who named it that but I’m ashamed to use a technique with such a stupid name. How about… wake-up mix-up or something else at least…I like that one…Its a name with an explanation in it. So people don’t go hey whats the vortex… kinda stupid to me.


sounds like ur in the vortex


I thought vortex was just a name given to any tactic reminiscient of this one? Like Zangief has an option select vortex against Akuma or something like that.




^WTF r u talking about… and option select isjust that an option select. Same inputs every time and depending on what your opponent does depends on how the game reads the inputs and something different comes out in different situations. The “vortex” is a wake-up mix-up guessing game. With akuma it’s so good because of his options on an opponents wake up like DF grab,kick,palm, palm whiff,cross up,empty low short,empty grab,cross-up tatsu…etc… other variations of those. Wow really learn the difference. Gief’s option select is a wake up low short/Green hand if back dash at least that’s the one I’ve seen. Really vortex is such a stupid fucking name at least option select has a purpose in it’s name. Really the stupidity of the last 2 comments is astounding (before west’s). option Select Vortex LMFAO hahahaha


WTF is “vortex”, or this thing that people do not want to be called “vortex”?

EDIT: After posting this the previous poster ironically answered for me what “vortex” is. Thank you!

Anyway, Japanese players are also less fancy and are more tactical. Americans are more flashy. Check out Momochi’s Akuma versus Edma’s Akuma. Momochi, people will say is the more boring Akuma player, while Edma is flashy and fun to play. Though, I bet that Momochi loses a lot less and would take a lot less damage because he is patient and plays smart, while Edma still plays smart, but takes more risks to make the fight entertaining.

Look at Wong’s and Marn’s fat asses. They always has to make a big scene, throw up his hands, and taunt. While the Japanese are way more reserved and probably cheer a lot more in the inside.

I think I play more like a Momochi that sits back and turtles a ton. A lot of people get pissed, call me pussy or a bitch-that-runs, but that is just the way I play. I am more reserved because the first person I ever saw playing was Momochi, and I like to wait for people’s mistakes and annoy the shit out of them. But I can also bust out the rush down as well.



lmao is that your native american name

people that complain about running away have no idea wtf they are talking about and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Akuma can’t go punch for punch with many characters. Good players know this, scrubs don’t. Ignore them.


nice. but seriously though, that thing was balls.


It’s called the vortex because the Akuma basically sets the opponent up into a scenario in his favour (knockdown) where he can potentially rack up damage and stun over and over (mixups). Knockdown, mixup, knockdown, mixup, repeat…ie. a vortex. And until you guess right and guard the mixup (or when Akuma wants to do something else) you’ll be stuck in the cycle.

Also, if you feel “ashamed” to use a technique because of its name, then don’t use it.

As for the difference between US and Japan…


Dude can you read… that’s all I really have to say about this… just before you post… look at the other recent posts and think…am what I’m about to say could potentially be really stupid because someone already explained it… I think you have your answer. hahahah seriously this thread is really making me laugh…first vortex option selects and a dude who can’t read. BTW I use wake-up mix-up like a fiend I just don’t give my techniques stupid names. I still can’t understand how people can be this ignorant and still post.

edit: You’re welcome Stoli… at least someone here can read. I sent you a FR on XBL hopefully we can get some matches in.


Hey Bokkin, guess what I suck at this game. I know what an option select is though, stop being such a dickhead. What I was trying to say was that it was like a situation on wakeup where Zangief had some options he could do to cover Akuma’s defense (like tele), and that the main one involved an option select (involving green hand). Seriously stop being such a dick, it makes you look full of yourself. Besides being a little bitch about whatever the community chooses to call a tactic isn’t productive anyway, really you shouldn’t have posted it.

It’s called a vortex because it’s hard as fuck to simply get out of it when a good player is using it correctly, hence the fucking name vortex, like you know a thing that sucks you in and you can’t fucking escape? Seriously dude shut up.

EDIT: I’ve been learning about option selects ever since they posted a lot of them in the Chun forum, which came from Nemo(I used to main Chun). Do you really feel so much better about yourself now for fucking attacking everybody that posts? Part of what pisses me off about you is that I know you’re probably better than I am, but you’re not humble at all when a lot of the players that are much better than you remain a non-douchebag, you really have no excuse. Unless insulting the intelligence of people online is what gets you through day-to-day in which case by all means continue.

Point is at the end of the day people call it a vortex because its hard to escape the mixups that lead to another knockdown which lead to another mixup and you think it’s a dumb name and nobody gives a shit.


All aspects of their game from the ground up is different from non Japanese players. It’s nothing as simple as “they aren’t as flashy” because I guarantee you there are flashier players over there that are better than the flashy players over here.