What are the main differences between Yun and Yang in 3S?

Just want to make sure of this.
As far as I know, Yang is Stun (EX Slashes)+Rushdown. Whereas Yun is all about activating SA3 and pressuring+rushdown.

Yun’s a bottom, and Yang’s a top.

They are different characters. They share some normals, dive kick. But for the most part totally different.

TBH, Ken and Ryu have more in common.


When 3s online comes out, you’ll beg for questions this sensible.

Just know that until Yun gets SA3, Yang is better.

Not a long wait, that one.

Uh don’t think so: Ryu is a Power+Stun type character; his BnBs do good damage and stun, dunno if I can say the same about Ken though.
Also Ryu has more moves that juggle the opponent than Ken.

Thanks for the info tho.

Double shoryu combos sure are terrible damage.

Ryu: A diverse character who can be played effectively with different playstyles
Ken: Better than Ryu

I don’t think English is your first language. You can’t seem to comprehend ‘similarity’ not being ‘exact’.

Ryu and Ken’s playstyle is MORE similar, compared to Yun and Yang’s which are LESS similar. Yang is more reactive than rushdown, although compared to SFIV I guess all characters look like rushdown.

Ryu and Ken’s style doesn’t seem similar to me, same way as Yun and Yang. For one I don’t recall watchhng many matches where Ken could quickly stun the opponent or stun the opponent very often.

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these are merely just a few of the key differences that could be mentioned while comparing and contrasting the 2 characters. take notes

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Ryu will always be > Ken

SAII yang is suppose to burn as much meter as he can on ex slash combos
yun is suppose to preserve as much meter as he can for geneijin

the only time players go against these two rules is

  1. when they’re about to lose so they wake up ex bicycle kick or wake up sa2 with yang
  2. end a round safely for no chance of comebacks

I agree.

yangs got wa woo why’s

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I dunno, play the fucking game?