What are the major differences between Tekken 5.0 and Dark Ressurection?


Hey guys just a few quick ones:

What are the main differences between 5.0 and DR?

Did they do any massive rebalancing?
Any changes to the system? hit-detection?
Is it worth getting a PS3 to play it even though i have 5.0 for PS2?
and last, but definitely NOT least, who are the new top-tier characters in DR?



A lot of balancing between the characters; Steve & Nina aren’t as dominant.
Many characters have new moves, and had some taken away.
Some moves have different ranges, hit boxes (can’t confirm)
I think it’s worth getting a PS3 for, and down the line T6 will pop up on ps3.
Top tier (IIRC): Heihachi, and Deviljin

best place for this discussion is tekken zaibatsu.


I believe the OKI was messed up in Tekken 5, and was fixed in Dark Ressurection.


Top 3 are known for sure (pretty much)
DJ, Hei, Kaz in that order. Some people argue that Kaz isnt top 3 but its quite clear that he is. Feng, King, Marduk, Julia, Bryan, Ganryu and Anna are up there too. Bottom 3 are pretty much known as well. Armor King, Bruce, and Dragunov.


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Can anyone elaborate on this. I came to terms with him being less than his 5.0 version but low tier? And Lili isn’t low tier?


Character balance tweaks, move additions, some animation changes, more items. Mishima’s. Can now back roll shit like bryans ff+2. Same shitty crush system, same shitty wall system.

Buy a ps3 for DR? well, i wouldn’t by a ps3 period, but that’s just me :shrugs:.

It’s the same old horse shit, just a little more chocolaty tasting. I have more fun playing Dr than 5.x, but that’s not saying much.