What are the mechanics of jumping attacks in MK9?


I have a couple of questions about jumping attacks (air to air?). I usually use jumping 2. It seems like everytime I know my opponent is going to do a jumping attack, and I try to counter with one of my own, their attack always out-prioritizes mine. It seems to be the worst against characters who have an air throw like Scorpion or Smoke except they always hit me with a mid-air kick and then a mid-air throw immediately afterwards. Are they using some sort of option select that I’m not aware of? I realize there’s nothing wrong with mid air kick to mid air throw, I just want to know how to counter it. What is Sub Zero’s highest priority air attack?

Even when I try to stay on the ground and anti-air it, I still get hit with it and I get completely destroyed by cross ups. I main Sub Zero and I know that ice clone can be a good anti-air if used properly. But what do I do if I don’t react fast enough to do that?


Your slide and Ice clone are great tools for that. For Scorpion, Smoke and Jax I would try to remain on the ground as much as possible. Scrop. and Smoke both have teleports as wells so trying to anti air with jump-ins could easily lead them into some combo’s against you…especially against an Ermac. I usually just jump straight up and kick with others and avoid jumping unless I know its safe against those with air grabs. For the cross-ups I would use ice clone against them and ex slide or ex clone for a wake up. Clone will obviously give you the chance to turn the battle around with a good combo and even allow you to the chance to play your own cross up game. If that still isn’t working for you then just dash back to avoid the whole thing and then slide as they land, easy way to punish.


I’ve always wondered about this as well. I’ve noticed that jump punches always seem to beat jump kicks (whenever I play anyways). Although I don’t know why you would want to use kick otherwise in any way because it knocks down a standing opponent thus making you miss a combo attempt. It just seems like jump punch should be your go to move in the air no matter what unless you’re good with air throws. Other characters do have better options in the air like Kitana though. But,as for just normals,what really works?