What are the old-gen PCBs? (w/ support for 360 and PS3)


For the longest time the solution for a stick being used on an Xbox360 + some other system was [many options for pcbs for ps3 side] + Padhack for 360. Then came the Paewang (although they don’t sell the PCB on their own anymore it seems). The Qanba (I don’t think this PCB was EVER sold on it’s own). And the PS360+ (I don’t think I’ve heard of this until today).

Recently, I noticed a few places selling 360 pads for cheap. And I was considering buying a bunch to stock up for padhacking before these pads get hard to find (Usually I go MCCthulhu + xbox pad). But then I thought, the I haven’t really followed tech talk news in a couple of years, there might be some new PCBs that make stick building more efficent. Thus I did a search and came across the PS360+. (Looks like this single pcb is going to replace MCCthulhu + Xboxpad in all my future builds and mods Unless I discover a better cost alternative from this thread)

The ps360+ appears to be the only PCB being sold on it’s own currently, at least that I can find. Is this true?

If not, I would like a list of PCBs that support both PS3 and Xbox360 out of the box one final updated list before the previous generation becomes irrelavent and nobody cares about it, and information for this gets buried by all the information about PS4 and XBone as things get developed and working.


The PS360+ is definitely the go-to PCB these days, and probably will stay that way until the current gen (360/PS3) die out slowly.

At this point, the Paewang seems to have been phased out quietly, while the MCC + 360-PCB + ImpV2 is usually only used when support for some special consoles are needed (SNES, 3DO, etc).


oh PS360+ doesn’t have as much support for legacy consoles as the MCCthulhu?

Hmm Double checking that support list. Xbox , dreamcast , psx/2 That would be ok for most people.
For my personal sticks I might actually have PS360+ w/ MCCthulhu because redundancies for the major systems doesn’t hurt. And also because I do, believe it or not, use my sticks with a SNES on occasion.


Cthulu seems to be a very popular board. It’s only drawback is that it requires an xbox PCB in order to get it work on xbox360s, but otherwise, it’s a fantastic low-cost, effective, reliable, and low input delay solution to dual mods.

I’m a big fan of PS360+. I have one myself, and it’s extremely easy to install, configure, can work on both xbox360s and ps3s out of the box, has support for PS2, DC, and more, and its firmware can be updated via USB cable (Cthulu can as well).

Costs double the Cthulu, but for an easy install, I loved it. Some tests report that it introduces a slight amount of input delay over the Cthulu, but I don’t find it observable in practical application.


I have to agree with @eltrouble‌. I haven’t noticed any major delay whilest playing. I have 2 ps360+ and both give me the same performance quality. planning to buy a 3rd for another stick, I love it so much.

Also the ease of installing one and setting it up is ridiculously easy.


Although the PS360+ will have to be reconnected on certain games that forces the controller to reboot after exiting the title screen menu.
Cthulhu does not have this issue.


@Darksakul‌ can you list some of those games?


Its based from complains on another thread
Let me test out what games I have so its confirmed rather that reports from anonymous individuals

I think the titles that are the most likely would be the Mega Man X collection and Sonic Mega Collection.
But its mostly game disks that are game compilations. I can confirm the Metal Slug 20th Anniversary collection isn’t one of them


i h8 ps360+ cause of ps2 disconnection problems u_U

happens on OpenPS2Loader or SF15thAnniversary