What are the optimal button binds for a ps2 controller for SSFIV:AE on pc?

I just started playing and got an adaptor for my ps2 controller, i was just wondering what setup u guys go for on a ps2 controller, what button u use for exactly what purpose.

When I played on pad…

[] = jab
/\ = strong
r1 = fierce
X = short
O = forward
r2 = roundhosue.


L1 = x3Punch
L2 = x3Kick

This obviously helps immensely with EX, Supers, Ultras or any other moves that require multiple punch/kick. Good luck!

What I use in 6-button games is different from the default:

LP - Triangle
MP - Circle
HP - R1
LK - Square
MK - X
HK - R2
Throw - L1/L2
Focus - L1/L2

Reason for this config is because it’s very easy to use EX moves and 3x moves without macroing a button. Plinking MP is also much easier because you don’t have to move your thumb downwards. The only drawback: FADCing is a little harder with this layout, but I eventually got used to hitting the buttons instead of using the macro.