What are the optimum settings for a great quality uploaded youtube video?

I’m trying to experiment with it.
Anyway, the software that I’m using:

  1. SUPER by Erightsoft (video encoder)
  2. Modified Virtualdub (the modified version that can open *.VOB DVD files including its audio content and *.wmv files)
  3. Windows Movie Maker

Anyway, youtube’s recommendation is:

  1. DivX codec
  2. 320x240 pixels
  3. MP4 extension
  4. MP3 audio output

See this video:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=i0uugbwLL9I (Scorpions concert)

Here’s what I did

  1. I took the bonus VCD from their Ballads Audio CD.
  2. Trimmed the Still Loving You part using Virtualdub
  3. Saved the croppep part as raw AVI (I assume there’s no quality loss here)
  4. Encoded the video to MP4 using Erightsoft’s SUPER
  5. Extension: MP4
  6. Video Output Container: DIVX
  7. Resolution: 320x240
  8. Frame Rate: 30
  9. Video bitrate: I forgot the settings I used. Maybe 1248
  10. Audio Output Container: AAC (Super doesn’t have mp3 option when converting videos to MP4)
  11. Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100 (Stereo)
  12. Audio bitrate: 128

Anyway, quality is so so.

I tried other samples (tweaked the settings a bit)
http://youtube.com/watch?v=bOF9rFdgTPw (TMNT trailer)
http://youtube.com/watch?v=nAm5zVBRyJc (random love scene from a movie)
http://youtube.com/watch?v=RnTO6SaudGs (Creed - Higher (music video))

TMNT procedure:

  1. Downloaded the high resolution trailer (*.mov format) from the official website.
  2. Encoded using SUPER

Love scene procedure

  1. Opened the VCD file using Virtualdub
  2. Trimmed the content with it, and saved the file as raw AVI.
  3. Encoded using SUPER

Creed music video procedure

  1. Encoded the *.vob video file directly using SUPER (since the vob file that has the video only has this as its content, there’s no need for trimming).

The settings for these 3 are:
Extension: AVI
Video Codec: Divx
Audio Codec: MP3
Resolution: 320x240
Frame Rate: 30
Bitrate: 1248
Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100 (Stereo)
Bitrate: 128

TMNT is impressive
The love scene clip is OK (the film was made old school style so the picture is not that vibrant, but the converted video file is impressive).
The Creed video got f*cked up. I’m not sure why, maybe I used another version of the DIVX codec (DX50???) since it saves space better. The saved file look good on my PC but when I uploaded it to youtube, the quality loss got very visible.

This one is the best that I’ve done so far:
http://youtube.com/watch?v=mAwGedoyIec My Immortal by Evanescence


  1. Open the *.vob file using virtualdub. In this case, the copy I got has this video in anamorphic mode, so this is the best quality that things could get. The Creed vid was just in a 4:3 vob file. It’s not anamorphic but the youtube video turnout shouldn’t be as bad as that.
  2. Trim the needed clip. Save it as raw AVI.
  3. Open the AVI file using Windows Movie Maker
  4. Save as WMV.

Surprisingly, the video output after uploading it to youtube was effective. No mp4 extension, no 320x240 resolution, but just direct upload after the WMV conversion. The audio just got too low but I can deal with that.

What set of procedures do you use?

Youtube’s prescribed settings don’t seem to be that good.

I like the x264 codec personally, but I haven’t tried to use it on youtube yet. I’ve been using wmv lately just to make sure everyone can open the video easily.

320x240 is the screensize they use, so of course that’s optimal. I just use TMPEGENC 4.0 Xpress to encode and crank the bitrate up until I’m around 100 megs estimated filesize, which is the maximum allowable.


Ok. Thanks.

Not trying to throw your thread off course but if it’s a better quality video upload you’re looking for, Stage6Divx is good. Check out the same video posted on Stage6 vs YouTube:

M.O.V.E ~Blast My Desire~
M.O.V.E ~Blast My Desire~[/list]

This video of Jake Shimabukuro has a nice quality upload to it too:

You can also have multiple audios and subtitles added to your videos at Stage6DivX too. Right click on the video while it’s playing and you can see some of the options… dood.

I like veoh.com

My current assumptions:

  1. MP4 is not really the file extension that will give you the best quality but maybe youtube recommends it because it’s the format that it can compress most efficiently.

  2. The guy who uploaded the Animatrix videos (the clearest videos in youtube I’ve seen yet) told me that he just used Windows Movie Maker. I think Windows Movie Maker saves videos at 640 by 480 WMV by default, which makes it 4:3 just like 320x240. My theory is, quality is somehow retained because aspect ratio is not lost, add to that the fact that WMV may actually be a better file extension to upload than WMV. I’ve tried uploading a 320x240 WMV vid with a video bitrate of 250 at youtube and the outcome isn’t that impressive, as compared to some of the 640x480 vids that I put.

I’m an ultra-newb at the whole video editing thing:

How do I get rid of ghosting?
( http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y104/tsdcs/misc1/vlcsnap-60064.jpg )

I have a long convoluted process for capturing video. I don’t have a capture card, but I do have a DVD recorder. I tape combos or whatever on my VCR and then dub it to DVD. I then rip the DVD using MediaCoder, using the MS-MPEG4-V2 setting (the most convenient setting for the next step), and they come out as AVIs. They have ghosting and scan lines, so what I do is convert them to WMV with Windows Movie Maker (because it came with my computer and is thus hella free).

I use WMM to make them 640x480 WMV files using the convenient “High Quality video- large” settting in WMM. The scan lines (which actually look kind of cool) are gone, but I still get ghosting (see the YouTube link).

SO, I use WMM again and downsize them to 320x240 files (using the “High Quality- Small” or one of the lower-quality settings), which achieves the desired result.

So, is there any more straightforward way to do this? DVD-> relatively clear video? Because if I want to get them as a bigger size, I have to resize them, and I lose video quality along the way.


Edit: also, any freeware video editing software that’s any good? Windows Movie Maker is nice and all, but… Specifially I’m looking for something that allows you to put images on video, which is WMM’s biggest fault.

i got good results from this guide (optimum bitrate): http://www.homevideo101.com/articles/youtube.php