What are the proper DIP Switch settings for the Dreamcast version?

I was thinking about bringing this over to my next meet-up and I’d like to know what settings to use to make it as accurate to the arcade version as possible…

Use the preset 1994/02/23 ver settings.

1994/02/23 version then? Thanks. I was stuck between that and the 1994/5/29 setting (or having to set everything manually).

Apparently the site that had the guide for all of the switches is either down or doesn’t exist anymore, so that’s why I asked here.

I dont know the site you mean, but sometimes you can pull up old sites on here:


If you click the link now, it brings up some “Server not found” message instead of this:


So I was testing out the DIP Switch settings this morning… and I noticed that the arcade mode CPU becomes extremely harder to beat when switch 2A (in-game language switch) is enabled. I heard that the difficulty was greatly increased in the “World” version of Super Turbo (the Japan version had a much more reasonable difficulty curve). Does this mean in the DC version, switch 2A also changes the CPU level to the “World” version, instead of merely changing the language of the victory quotes and the names of some attacks?

I was curious about this aswell as I noticed the AI seemed harder with the english dip on. I wonder if this affects the turbo settings as well? (us turbo 2 = jp turbo 3) Someone should test this