What are the realistic expectations should be for the " Story Mode "?

This is something that hasn’t been addressed thus far except with the " We are keeping an eye on the competition “. Capcom hasn’t shown us anything from this mode thus far ( We still don’t know if that tutorial is actually a part of " Story mode” ). Now here is what i am thinking could happen.

1- A fully animated story mode.
This is probably the best case scenario for this mode. The fact that Capcom didn’t show anything that up to this point makes me doubt that this is the case. I would like to be optimistic and hope that they are keeping this as " An ace in the hole " and a big surprise that we will find when we finally get our hands on the game.
Now, whatever this is in-game animation or anime style, I think both could work great and you can’t really go wrong with this approach.

2-** Slide show** story mode with cut-scenes here and there.
I hope that Capcom wouldn’t do this. I think it could be problematic if the entire mode is like the tutorial. There will be problems with the art consistency and it just looks cheap and unfinished compared to the animation approach.

I think this is much more likely to happen unfortunately, it will bring memories of the Story mode from Soulcalibur 5.

3- Arcade mode with just more thorough dialogue
An Arcade style mode with multiple fights leading to couple of cutscenes that may be atleast more coherent than before.

Now with all these options and the way that Capcom PR has handled this part of the game. What should we expect as a real possibility ? I would really like to think that they would try to do their best effort with this. I must say however that the 16 character roster, limited number of stages and everything makes me feel that this game isn’t as big in scope as we may have initially wanted. I think that the most realistic option is the 2nd one.

I’m keeping my hopes very very low.

I don’t think they are going with the “Story Mode now replaced Arcade Mode” stuff because that would completely invaluate all of the stuff they’ve been telling us since EVO regarding the story in SF5. It would just hurt Capcom as a bunch of fucking liars after getting fans’ hopes up for getting a coherent plot

I also don’t think it’s gonna be fully animated as that requires a LOT of work and money, both of which Netherrealm and ArcSys had plenty of, for example

The most realistic expectation is partial hand-drawn slideshow for stuff like flashbacks, as seen in the Tutorial, and the rest will either be animated or done in-engine

My expectation is a bullshit mode that I don’t give a fuck about with a lame story that I fast forward through that has to be played through between one and x times (x being the number of characters finally released) if I want to unlock something that may or may not be worth it.

The only thing lamer than fighting game lore is fighting game fan fiction.

/hate hate hate

We’re getting finger puppets and we’re just gonna have to deal with it.

@amrraed : I’m hoping that it is scenario 1. The fact that Capcom hasn’t revealed anything means that they are either, as you said, using it as their ace in the hole. Or the silence could be that there have been efforts made but so far, it’s been disappointing, resulting in them trying to avoid any and all discussion about it.

@Fatal1ty_93_RUS : I agree with your realistic expectation. A fully animated story mode, regardless of animation or 3d model moving, does require a lot of money, and Capcom hasn’t invested a heavy amount of their resources to fully match the likes of netherrealm. i don’t want it to be all hand-drawn “Bengus” sketches though unless it deals with flashbacks, or past events, as you have said.

My expectation is (because lets consider that if Capcom’s plan is to have story mode continue, even with the additional DLC characters) that it’s gonna be a very significant improvement from previous SF Arcade prologues and endings that tell the story. it’ll be done right enough to the point where there is flow, strong interactions between characters, definitive plots, character depth, and of course fighting opportunities. But I’m not expecting this to be on the scale of Netherrealm MK or Injustice story modes. If they do, then that’s gonna blow my mind. But I expect them to deliver a solid story mode that casual players like me can return to time and time again.

The #1 option would be ideal, but I’d be fine with the #2 option. As long as there’s a coherent story with some good dialogue and character development, I’d be good. All I ever wanted from a Street Fighter game is a story that incorporates all of the characters into it. Most of the stories in SF games are nothing more than everyone doing their own thing with no connection to the main plot. Only certain characters would be involved in that.

Now **if **Story Mode ends up being a more detailed Arcade Mode, I’d like to see pre-fight dialogue akin to KOF XIII for *every *battle, with additional dialogue between rounds. I’m not expecting a Story Mode on the level of Injustice or MKX. I just want something that’ll give us opportunity for cool discussions, as well as a fun mode with enough replay value to expand our knowledge on the Street Fighter universe and explore things that we never even thought about. That’d be more than enough for me.

Story mode?

I will be fine it being like arcade mode but with short cutscenes before each fight, like happen for rivals fights in SF4


Yeah. I think this is how the entire story mode will look like.
Well, at least it’s an improvement compared to arcade mode SF4.

Street Fighter V: Story Mode


Cammy: “So which one of us is going to be top tier this time?”

Karin: “Why don’t we find out?”

The primary story of sf5 will be how many scrubs I can get to rage quit on day 1 using nothing but sweep and anti air and taunt with fang

what was wrong with SF4 story? I thought it was one of the highlights of the numbered series. The in game stuff plus the OVAs and what not outside the game provided tons of story content. Going off the strength of that I think SF5 will be fine

It’s going to be closer to what was used in the SFxT episode series I believe.


Animated cutscenes using in-game models to create a story mode experience similar to MKX’s.

If we’re lucky, I hope we get some good anime as a prologue to the game at least in the form of short OVAs or maybe even an OVA 45+ minute movie.

This shit was SO GOOD

I found a leak online about SFV’s endings. Spoilers below. You’ve been warned.

After a long journey, they found that…

… they had what they were looking for all along.
… although they got closer to what they were looking for, the princess is in another castle.
… somebody important died in a sudden plot twist.
… in their lust for power, they overlooked something important and screwed themself over.
… after winning the tournament, they prove to the world they’re awesome at a different, unrelated skill.
… Anime waterfall/titties.

I do think that this is the most likely to happen as well. I think that this style could work if Capcom really polished the presentation. I remember a part in the tutorial where it is the still where Ryu is looking at his hand while Gouken was talking to Ken, it just didn’t look right. The art also needs to be more consistent this time around.

“lol” about sums it up

It’ll just be arcade mode with an opening, rival battle, and ending cutscene.