What are the steps to learning a Street Fighter character?

So im a completely new player to Street Fighter. When i say that what i mean is ive been playing off and on since Street Fighter 4 and now i just picked up Arcade Edition a month or two ago. I dont know any of the termanology and dont really know any combos. My question is where to start. Ive tried the trials and can do the basic combos but canceling blows my mind and i cant figure it out. My favorite character is Makoto but if shes not a good first character to learn im open to suggstions on a new character. So please any advice will be good advice. I just wanna start becoming a better player

Read, watch, learn, apply.

This video talks about ST, but it’s basic principles can be applied to all fighting games.


Are you on XBL or psn? IF you’re on XBL I will be able to help you but, for now what I can tell you is play offline with several characters. This is that I did, and i have now found my mains. Also make sure to train AT LEAST 1 hour a day. Don’t get discouraged, it’s the worst thing that you can possibly do. If you get mad walk away, come back after you’ve colled down. It took me a year to get where i’m at, But I did not play as hardcore as i do now. Good luck!!! Don’t give up!