What are the super arts of your choice

Akuma: Messatsu Gouhadou
good projectile attack for long range and can be done in air which gives it more priority

Alex: Stun Gun Head-Butt
It has three different ranges and set-ups for excellent and creative combo’s plus it can be used to catch your opponent off guard

Chun-Li: Hoyou-Ku Sen
Multiple hittin’, excellent, damage, can super jump cancel, works great in combo’s, it advances Chun-Li forward and espcially works well in cross-up’s

Dudley: Corkscrew Blow
advances him forward, multi-hitting, doesn’t leave him so vulnerable like his other Super Arts

Elena: Spinning Beat
Gives her extra gauge, has excellent horizontal and vertical range and is a good counter

Hugo: Megaton Press
good as back-up for those aren’t good at 720 degree motion’s and good with the Ultra Throw and for characters who love jumpin’ plus it does huge damage

Ibuki: Yoroi Doshi
Best amount of damage, can be done close or at medium range and has better range than the other Super

Ken: Shoryureppa
Most damage, best combo finisher, good range and priority and general counter than all of the other Supers of his

she does some excessive damage but this gives it an extra boost

Necro: Electric Snake
good range, must block low, can work on falling airborne opponents can sometimes trade hits wit

Oro: Kishin Riki
kinda makes opponents panic and does good damage espcially the Level 3 one

Q: Critical Combo Attack
Juggles the opponent, ridiculous damage, rushdown attack, even works well if blocked and works well in his dashing head attack combo

Remy: Supreme Rising Rage Flash
Great for turtling and as a anti-air counter

Ryu: Denjin-Hadoken
Unblockable, projectile attack and can stun

Sean: Hadou-Burst
the projectile gives him slightly more priority, long range, defensive tactical ability and comes out incredibly fast

Twelve: X.N.D.L.
good for ending juggles wit and as a counter against falling airborne opponents and a ground based projectile/counter

Urien: Aegis Recflector
very frustrating on opponents espcially when there’s two, and works great in corners, just attach poke strings and deadly combo’s and can easly set-up wit a throw

Yang: Seiei Enbu
speed’s up attack power, more combo ability overall

Yun: Geneijin
kinda panics up the opponents more spped more aggresive

i don’t think you’d wanna be caught using Shoryureppa with Ken :lol:. better damage notwithstanding, it’s just not as “usable,” ahem, abusable as Shippu.

for Dudley, i like either Rocket Uppercut or Corkscrew Blow. i tend to use Rocket Uppercut more, though. i don’t really have a problem being vulnerable because i only use the supers after a move with a ton of hit confirmation time :D.

as far as the others go, i really don’t care :D.

Best thing about rocket uppercut is that it will combo from the max range of the towards + roundhouse overhead, where corkscrew blow will still combo, but miss the most damaging first hit.

Best supers by character:

Yun - SA3 always.

Ken - SA3 always.

Chun - SA2 always.

Urien - SA3 always (yes, even on DC).

Makoto - SA1 or 2, depending on matchup/playstyle.

Dudley - SA1 or 3, depending on matchup/playstyle.

Yang - SA2 or 3, depending on matchup/playstyle.

Oro - On arcade, SA2 or 3, depending on matchup/playstyle. On DC, SA3 always.

Ryu - SA1 probably best, 2 may be better depending on matchup/playstyle.

Akuma - SA1 always.

Necro - SA3 is best, 1 may be better for some matchups.

Ibuki - SA1 always.

Elena - SA2 always.

Alex - SA2 is best. 3 may be better vs. Hugo. 1 may also be good depending on matchup/playstyle.

Remy - From what I’ve seen of Japan, always SA1.

Twel(e)ve - SA1 always.

Q - SA1 usually, 2 may be better depending on matchup/playstyle.

Hugo - SA1 or 3, depending on matchup/playstyle.

Sean - 1 or 3, depending on matchup/playstyle.


Personally I play:
Dudley with SA1.
Oro with SA3 since I play on DC and SA2 unblockables doesn’t exist.
Ibuki with SA1 or sometimes SA2 for shits and giggles.

i saw a few of those too. what do u think they do different when using sa1?

It’s a billion times safer. Unless you completely screw up, you’re immune to punishment. Tourney play is more about NOT getting knocked out that anything else.


plus SA1 into SA1 is the shit :0

bah i use my dudley as SA3 man, i used to have him with SA1 but i found myself missing unneccessary combos and shit and get my ass kicked… plus with sa3 u got an extra anti-air, u can duck under while ur opponent jump, SA3… SA1 can be used as well but it might just hit they guy twice/thrice… weeopdiefkn doo… and if ur SA3 get blocked or kinda vulnerable but on the other hand, u arent… when i get it blocked i usually do just another one, always catches them =)

SA1 is for pure damage, SA3 is for more combo xx supers and more EX moves imo…not that I dislike SA1… its too good… but dunno… SA3 is my thing, i dont care to have to work harder for that extra damage, i just got more ways of hitting SA3 so it can go either way… SA1 is more playing to get in the super, SA3 i feel like its mixing up with style… like roundhouse xx EX MGB blow, forward+forward xx dp+hp with SA1… gee… with SA3 u can just do more… gives him flair and style =) the million dollar man

Real men use Rocket Uppercut.

I used to use SA1 for Dudley… then switch to SA3 because it seemed more versitile

but now I mainly use SA1 because I can pull off overhead roundhouse–> super link more often, and SA1 just hurts like a bitch.

Actually, come to think of it, I recall very few instances of supers ever being used with Remy. Japanese players are all about the EX booms…

On that note, do SA1 and 2 offer the same amount of EX meter? If 1 has more that could be a big reason why that’s the most popular choice. If not I’m thinking Thongboy is right, safety + chip damage = rox.


sa1 has less bar, but that super has good chip damage set ups that amount to jab damage at most… :bluu:

i use sa1 mostly but when i want like 1 or 2 more LOV’s to throw or against chun or yun i choose sa2, it would seem sa2 would be the better super since it comes out like the shin shoryuken and has ken’s shippu range, and remy has all those links into it, but the threat of missing it really outweighs it to me.

Yun - SA3

Ken - SA2 usually, SA3 if I’m bored

Chun - SA1 or SA2

Urien - SA3

Makoto - SA1 or 2, usually 2

Dudley - SA1

Yang - SA2

Oro - I’ll use any, 2 the least

Ryu - SA1 or SA2, mostly 1

Akuma - SA1

Necro - SA1 or SA3, as of late SA3

Ibuki - SA1 or SA2, havn’t used SA1 in a month

Elena - SA2. I hate SA3

Alex - I’ll use any, 2 the most

Remy - I live off SA1, use SA2 every so often and SA3 on those I know that attack before they think :stuck_out_tongue:

Twelve - I’ll use any, 1 the most

Q - I’ll use any, 3 the least

Hugo - SA1 or SA3

Sean - I rarely use Sean anymore. If I ever did, SA2 mostly

akuma = massatsu hadou

ryu = denjin hadou

ken = guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Q = critical combo

oro = tengu stone

elena = healing

makoto = SAIII

alex = stun gun headbutt (o i feel so scrubby)

urien = aegis reflector

remy = who uses super art with remy? :confused:

and my all time favorite super art = seraphic wings! talk about chip damage!

good players

Ryu: Shin Shoryuken >> Shinkuu Hadouken >> Denjin Hadouken

I just love the ShinSho, it’s the reason I started playing 3rd Strike :stuck_out_tongue: and if you use it since day one, it doesn’t feel that hard to connect with anymore.

Chunli: Hoyokusen >> SAIII >> Kikoshou

Well, I like SAIII, it kinda puts up a challange, I like to use it a lot in casual matches, in tournaments it’s SAII of course. I never use SAI though.

Yang: Sei’en bu >> SAII >> SAI

I don’t know why but IMO SAI is just pure crap, the damage is ok but the long bar and the fact that you can’t use it as an anti air makes it useless for me(I don’t really know why, because you can’t use Chuns SAII as an Anti Air either(even less actually)).
I only play Yang in casual matches so I like to play around with SAIII in tournaments I would be using SAII for ex attacks.

for dudley, i use sa1…
sa3 for oro and alex.



Ryu. Shin-Shoryuken.

You’re using… Stun-Gun?

N - No wonder Arlieth got onto the team.

stun gun … i used for double stun and setups