What are the tiers for SF2 Rainbow Edition?

Local arcade has the bootleg SF2 Champion Edition with the multiple sonic booms and ish.

Like the title of the thread says: What are the tiers for SF2 Rainbow Edition?

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Denying reality won’t make it change though…

somebody actually did post their tiers for this game in the tiers for shitty fighting games thread i think

The last place I’d expect to find Rainbow Edition discussion would be in a shitty fighting games thread.

but its shitty, so its the first place that you should look

Actually, Indigo has a soft ban like O. Sagat, I remember hearing about it way back when.
You need to get with the times, Morris Day.

and just where exactly IS the door to this thread ? :rofl: I’m just messin with ya man.

Wasn’t there bootlegs of the bootleg floating around ? Like I remeber there were a few dif. cabs of this type of shit and each one had different shit you could do. I guess 8434364364368846464.13 sonic booms would have to be somewhere at the top ?

The best of course is SUBDUE THE DRAGON, the best CE hacked rom in existence, and the only one with enough goofy mechanics to be halfway considered its own SYSTEM.

Easily, the 2 shotos are the best, with blanka coming up pretty close with his instant rolls. I new some stuff with bison but I forgot it. Sagat can sometimes kill with one yoga-flame-tiger-uppercut(you’ll understand when you play it) and everyone else just fucking blows.

also [media=youtube]hudb49x3Vzg[/media]

i’d have to say guile is godlike in this game… b>f + lp gives you a REALLY slow sonic boom… no charge, and you can have like 20 on the screen at once and throw them in the air… they were also homing.

Changing characters midround makes a tier list kind of irrelevant. On another note: Does anyone know how to do the teleport thing? I saw it in desk’s Vid of Dreams.

Ryu is fountain pen tier, Guile is boat tier. Sagat is a solid mid-door.

Dhalsim is the best because he can float off-screen and wait for a time out.

Looks like marvel.

I think Ken. The game simply reduces to timing at the beginning of round, who makes the first shoryuken with hadokens.
Also Blanka with his electricity goes in front of you instantly, you can’t do anything after that.

I’ve seen many variations of Rainbow. I don’t know if we are talking about the same version.

Depends on which version we’re talking about here. There were like six different versions, all messed up in different ways.

In the most standard version we had, Balrog was the most broken. Dash Straight sent out two projectiles at once, high and low, and needed to be blocked low. It did about 35% damage, and could combo with itself. Two would dizzy. Three would kill. The only character who could stop him was Chun-li, whose SBK sent out Hadoukens with every rotation. Thus, she would do SBK at the statr of the round to pin Balrog down. However, Chun lost to shotos, Guile, etc.

Ken was up there. Half screen Jab DP goes through waves of projectiles, and roundhouse HK dizzied and redizzied, and the mid-air version was superb for jumping over a screen full of projectiles. Guile was also good with Sonic Boom x N and air throws from the ground. Everyone else was merely okay, and Bison and Vega were garbage.