What are the tiers


Just curious since I’m new here and I just started playin’ this game again and my bro can kick my ass at it


This is about a correct tier listing.
#1 A Sakura
#2 C Sagat
#3/4/5(alot people disagree on these) C Chun, C/A/N/K Blanka, A Bison
#6 C Guile
#7/8 K Cammy/K Sagat
Don’t expect to just pick up any of these characters, as most of them take a fair amount of skill to use correctly.


somewhere a while ago I read Rolento was one of the best not like #1 best but one of the best can someone clear dat up


where did you read that and how long ago? maybe when the game FIRST came out and people didn’t know what they were talking about. sure he’s good, but definitely not top tier. high middle tier in C and A.

and here’s a recent thread of the tiers…