What are the top Alpha tiers?


Outta curiousity I dont know the order but do any of these make the list "Ryu, Dhalsim, Zangief, Sakura, Balrog, Sodom, "

And a few other alpha questions outta these 3 who is the best Juli, Juni or Cammy?


I think Cammy…
because is the original, and her Special Moves have a big priority


Are you blind man? You have another thread about Alpha 3 tiers in the first page and yet you proceeded to do another thread about that. What are you some kind of a retard?


I wont dignify the tiers question because its been theroughly discussed in another thread. But I will answer your other question.

In order of who is better, its Juni, Cammy and then Juli. I dont reallly feel like explaining why. If you really wanna know, ask in the proper thread.


How can someone not know who the tiers are in alpha 3. Akuma,sakura,ryu,sagat and cody in v-ism. All those fools are hella broken… V-ism is tier!!!


Someone closed this thread please.