What are the unspoken rules?


I’m new to the scene and I’ve been watching streams. I feel there may be rules I don’t know about playing competitively.




Are you familiar with pseudo-explicit rules? ie. Stuff that should be so common sense that many tournaments don’t mention them?

No turbo buttons, no non-standard macros, no touching the other player etc etc.


Akuma is banned.


Glad you’re enjoying ST! Sorry for the late response, as I don’t check the SRK forums regularly (most discussions happen on FB or Discord)

There’s not too many rules outside of common ones and a few glitches are banned based on the version you’re using. I won’t discuss things like 2/3 or 3/5 or single elim- versus double elim-brackets, since those rules vary with the type of tournament, but the general rules are:

  1. No picking Akuma. He’s WAY too strong and not meant for competitive play.
  2. No glitches that intentionally break the game. e.g. O.Honda’s fierce throw glitch, O.Gief’s instant grab reversal full screen SPD (on specific versions of the game)
  3. Not really a rule, but if you ask to change the stage, the other player usually doesn’t mind. Certain stages are faster/slower than normal.
  4. In the event that two players don’t pick a character first (usually because they want to counterpick their opponent), you can request a double blind select. This means that you simply tell, in private, a third party which character you’re going to pick. Both players do this. Then you pick, and the third party verifies that it is indeed the character you wanted to pick.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask!


Online you can do whatever…