What are the wake up times in SSF4? Are stages really different lengths?


Like a character list of faster than average, average and slower than average and how much faster/slower than average if one is available?

Has anyone figured out if the stages are different lengths or not yet? I remember hearing Mago picks underpass because it’s the smallest stage and was wondering if this is true and if there is an list of stages ordered by size.


Data from SSFIV:

Ibuki no longer has 5 extra frames of invincibility; Adon now has an average wakeup time. Also note that because someone gets up at a certain sweep after a sweep, it doesn’t mean they will wake up with the same speed relative to other characters if they get hit by a f.throw/b.throw or a FA crumple.

As for the stage length, I’m pretty sure that there are differences but I don’t think anyone has hard data. The diner stage in Arcade Vanilla for example seems longer than the one on console SFIV and SSFIV/AE.