What are the worst match-ups for the top-tier?


Be as groove-specific as you can.


C Guile counters Sagat and Cammy pretty damn handily. Beats/goes eveb with Blanka too imo. Guile is really good, also does well against Sak, and some others too probably, I’m not to good with matchups lol.




Ok…I’m not gonna tell you that you’re wrong, but I wanna hear an explanation. I have trouble seeing Guile be THAT good.


If you’ve ever played against a good Guile, it’s VERY hard to get in. RC Sonics and standing hk keep Sagat locked down pretty well, what’s he gonna do? roll? Guile vs Cammy you use sobat to make drills whiff, and RC Sonics are good as always, and you push them to the corner. He doesn’t really lose to Blanka either, s.hk on sparks recovery.


iori, RC rekkas own the shit

play him in C,A or N… i play him C and A… but my A-groove is shit =P btw N is his best i think… he has run… but i dont mind playing him in C, hes too good, very good battery btw… =)


Nah N’s not his best, he’s more of a zoning character, and it’s good for him to sit on that lv3, also his lv2 cancel is practical as hell. And yeah Guile has some bad matchups outside of the top tier, but he does well against almost EVERYONE else.


Iori? I think N-groove is his best groove because it’s the only groove that gives him his roll AND his low jump HK. I don’t care about his level 3, as it’s not safe to use (without comboing) anyway. Plus his punchy, punch combo builds a lot of meter for my Ken or Akuma coming in next, so I don’t worry about Iori’s supers that much.

uhh… what’s this thread suppose to be about again?


I was talking about Guile. Hell yeah N Iori’s the best. Iori’s lv3 does crap damage.


guile loses to p/k/n blanka.


why N? because of roll AND run?

btw he doesnt lose to p and k imo… because what are you gonna do after the parry/JD? nothing coz he threw it from a mile away… and you better not think about trying to hit him after the parry/JD coz hes coming right atya with c.mk or shit… he has so many sonic booms, moves thingies… unless you are daigo and mindread i better suggest blocking?


lowjump rh over block strings in between the sbs. slide under sb.
guile can only trade at best with lowjump rh. his alpha counter trades with electricty. only way i see guile winning this is if he sonic hurricanes after blocked slide/hp or blanka walks into a lvl 2.


Actually it’s not as one sided as you think. RC Jab sonics actually counter low jumps, and Guile can Sobat to make slides whiff and throw.


A-Sakura > All Blankas : The CC is too fast for Blanka to Alpha Counter out of.

Cammy > Honda : Cammy’s st. short beats everything Honda has(fast hands, etc.) Try it.


N blanka can counter roll out of sakura’a CC

RC Honda’s kill cammy. you are very wrong.


My mistake, I should’ve put non RC Honda. It works for full screen distance and non RC.
As for the N Groove Blanka thing, if you know a counter roll is going to happen, when u see the flash of the counter roll, just cancel into whiffed cr. short, then DP in the other direction.


Blanka c.mk kara-xx back hop. GGPO Sakura.

Sakura is more than just the guard crush CC. Try actually landing a CC clean sometime. There are times in a match when you aren’t doing a CC. What happens then?


Blanka vs Sak is 6-4 in Sak’s favor IMO. It’s not that one sided really. N Blanka is about even I’d say, and K Blanka maybe 6.5-3.5


Who the fuck uses non RC Honda? You? :lol:


k and p both counter guile… against a really good guile it’s sometimes the only thing you can use to get in on him.

oh yeah, and sakura can catch blankas that hop back out of the custom