What are things a newb should know?

hi i am new to the community and would like to know tips and how to improve online and what should i start learning first!! i plan to climb threw the ranks with my cousin and brother and go to evo in a few years to please any information is needed!


You’re a bit late to the SSF4 scene but better late than never i guess. First thing you should learn to do, is block. New people always put an emphasis on attacking constantly and then they get blown up because they don’t know how to block.

Agreed. Secondly I would say learn how to combat cross-overs if you can do that you can get ahead.

How to spell ‘noob’.

Learn not 2 wake up ultra all the time when ur health is low.

I have seen so many players do this and it is just awful. Don’t get me wrong it can work at times but if u r playing someone who knows what they r doing they will always be ready 4 u 2 throw out a wake up ultra

Read, understand, and apply, the following: